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Some Facts about McGruff, the Crime Dog


McGruff the Crime Dog first made a national appearance in 1980, teaching millions of Americans to “Take A Bite Out Of Crime.”

In 1981. Mayor Chester Rybicki and the Naperville Police Department welcomed McGruff onto the local scene, thanks to a gift from the Naperville Woman’s Club. (PN File Photo)
  • Reports are 4,000 McGruffs are active as determined by the number of crime dog outfits in use.
  • McGruff’s slogan is “Take A Bite Out Of Crime.”
Back in 1991, McGruff posed with then-NPD Chief David Dial behind then-new Naperville Public Safety Center for the Crime Prevention Calendar. (Photo by Jo Lundeen)
  • McGruff has posed for photos by Jo Lundeen and Crime Stopper calendars.
  • McGruff sports a classy Corvette, a monster truck in Arizona, and a wiener wagon in Florida. But most of all, he likes to ride in patrol cars assisting law enforcement in Naperville.
  • McGruff’s favorite crime-fighting techniques are to teach youngsters specific tips to be safe at home and school and to help law enforcement officers do their jobs better.
  • McGruff is a “ham.” He enjoys doing PSAs for television and radio or posing for print or billboard advertising.
McGruff is known to make special appearances here and there, especially during the Halloween season. (PN File Photo)
  • McGruff has been seen at Safety Town and in downtown Naperville during Halloween festivities.
  • McGruff once made an appearance at Quigley’s Irish Pub during its monthly Quiz Night hosted by the West Suburban Irish.
Back in 2012, McGruff showed support for WSI Quiz Night during Crime Prevention Month with emcee Mike Reilly. (PN File Photo)

Keeping the community safe is everyone’s responsibility.

Take a bite out of crime. Thank you!


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