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Movies with Tarek – ‘Stop Making Sense’ (2023 Re-release)


Stop Making Sense, a concert film directed by Jonathan Demme in 1984, is unequivocally the best concert movie of all time. Filmed at Hollywood’s Pantages Theater over three days in December, this cinematic masterpiece features Talking Heads, with David Byrne at the helm, as well as Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Bernie Worrell, Alex Weir, Steve Scales, Lynn Mabry, and Edna Holt. This incredible film is an immersive and unforgettable experience that showcases many of The Talking Heads’ greatest hits. It’s no wonder audiences around the world were completely blown away by this exceptional concert film.

I saw David Byrne live in concert in 2018 at the Auditorium Theatre in downtown Chicago. My Mom was fortunate to see Talking Heads perform in 1982 at the Civic Center in Des Moines, Iowa, and it remains one of her all-time favorite concerts. Seeing Stop Making Sense made me feel like I was revisiting the concert experience my mom had back in the 1980s. Seeing this film in the IMAX experience felt like a journey back in time. This group has a reputation for magical music and their songs are still magical today thanks to the artistic genius of David Byrne and his band.

As soon as the film started, the song “Psycho Killer” captured my attention. David Byrne always knows how to set the tone for his music and concerts. He has the moves, voice, and style that make his performances grand. Throughout Stop Making Sense, there are many uplifting moments that make you want to dance. These segments exude positive vibes and are extremely enjoyable.

The re-release of this concert feels authentic and immersive. The film, as well as the concert itself, are captivating and mesmerizing, showcasing Byrne’s imaginative world of wonders. The songs are infused with cultural significance and are brilliant in their direction.

Stop Making Sense is a treasure trove of a concert experience that will awaken nostalgic memories for many and create a special experience for those who are witnessing it for the first time. The concert features many of Talking Heads’ great hits, including “Slippery People,” “Once in a Lifetime,” “Heaven,” and many more.

One song that always lifts my mood and restores my positivity is “This Must Be the Place.” It’s a song about acceptance, finding the positive aspects of life, and facing reality head-on. The performance of this song in Stop Making Sense is truly remarkable due to the incredible energy flowing from the artists, the audience, and those watching the film. “This Must Be the Place” has been an uplifting anthem for fans worldwide for many years, including myself.

The grandeur of Byrne’s artistry is demonstrated by his giant, oversized suit which evokes a feeling of enchantment. Once Byrne puts that suit on, the world of Stop Making Sense takes on its own amazing dimension where Byrne is the master of culture. His empowering lyrics round out the incredible concert experience of Stop Making Sense.

Fans of David Byrne and Talking Heads simply cannot afford to miss this incredible opportunity to see this film on the big screen. Even if you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing it before, it is worth revisiting, now that A24 has obtained the rights. So, go ahead and grab your oversized suits and get ready to dance to the music, because Stop Making Sense is a definite four-star experience.

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Tarek Fayoumi
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Tarek Fayoumi is the creator and lead critic of movieswithtarek.com. He also contributes to Medium.com, is an approved critic of Bananameter, and a member of the Chicago Indie Critics (CIC) and Independent Film Critics of America.


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