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‘Teachers and Artists, Lisa and Louise’ on exhibit at Marmion’s Art Gallery


Above / Rabbits are repeated motifs often featured throughout the work of Elisabeth Dzuricsko, now on exhibit with art by Louise Grissinger.

“Teachers and Artists, Lisa and Louise,” featuring the art of Louise Grissinger and Elisabeth Dzuricsko is on exhibit now through November 1, 2023, at Marmion Academy’s Dr. Scholl Gallery, located at 1000 Butterfield Road in Aurora, Illinois.

An artists’ reception, open to the public, will be held from 12 noon to 2PM on Sun., Oct. 22.

Anyone wishing to view the exhibit during school hours, 8AM to 3PM weekdays, or during a special tour on weekends may contact Lisa Dzuricsko via email ldzuricsko@marmion.org to secure an appointment time.

Louise Grissinger

Louise Grissinger grew up watching her grandfather and father create illustrations and watercolor paintings since childhood. Being witness to the unfurling creative process and watching it come alive was magical. She was hooked! For as long as she can remember she knew she had the soul of an artist. 

She explored many avenues of creativity. Photography, surface design, fashion, visual merchandising, interior design, drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture and ceramics. Venturing to define her personal form of expression and mission in her works. Influenced by the technique and styles through the study of many artists and art history. She found her voice in art education and for many years she taught classes, workshops, and seminars at the Hinsdale Centers for the Arts, The Art Center in Highland Park, The Elmhurst Art Museum, College of DuPage, SEA Charter High School in Compton, LA., and as a teaching artist at Geneva Community High School, the John C Dunham STEM Partnership School, and Marmion Academy. 

Her works are a living document to the ongoing investigation of how creativity is an integral part of our humanity that records our history and heritage both personal and globally.

In the words of Robert Henri, “When the artist is alive in any person, whatever kind of work it may be, they become an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressive creature, that opens ways for better understanding.”  

Grissinger strives to envelop this ideology that fosters the artist spirit in her students and all that she creates. 

Elisabeth Dzuricsko

Elisabeth Dzuricsko has served as an art educator and gallery director at Marmion Academy for over 20 years. She works in multiple mediums, but she began her first explorations with drawing and painting. She is very much interested in the meanings that images and materials (such as invoice envelopes) hold. Home, figures, furniture, and rabbits are repeated motifs throughout her work.

Submitted by Marmion Abbey & Academy.

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