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Nutrition Knowledge – Seek out some help


We may not realize just how much our emotions or relational difficulties affect our overall wellness. A major component of overall wellness is to be able to sort out our feelings and deal with them appropriately. Cognitive behavioral therapy allows us to sort through our feelings with a qualified counselor or life coach. Depending on what the issues are and how deep, we may need to commit to some regular time with a professional, as well as developing a routine of self-care.

Often times we make poor nutritional and wellness choices because we are not dealing with underlying concerns.

Some examples:

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  • Taking refuge in food when we feel lonely or insecure
  • Not eating adequate food because of body image issues
  • Difficult relationships can cause us tremendous stress
  • Feeling overwhelmed by our daily tasks

What’s the best way to recognize that we need outside help? If we are having trouble coping with our day-to-day activities, we know we need help. However, if we are not quite sure, confiding in someone we trust about our situation is often a great way to get an objective perspective. We may just need some strategies to develop healthy habits and knowledge or we may need real counseling and medical help if issues run deep.

There is no shame in asking for help. It is a courageous thing to do! Don’t continue to suffer in silence. A qualified professional has a great ability to help us sort through what we are dealing with, and can be an integral part of our wellness journey. There are many ways they can help, from coping skills to visualization techniques, stress reduction strategies to relationship boundaries. Whether we need a handful of sessions, or a longer schedule of meetings, it is worth exploring.

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Patty Minta, RD, LDN
Patty Minta, RD, LDNhttps://nourishednestedandblessed.com/
Patty Minta is a Registered & Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Visit her website for links, nutrition info and tips at www.nourishednestedandblessed.com.


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