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PN connects community and Riverwalk with Haiku verses


Above-Below / Back in 1981, the Sesquicentennial Riverwalk was dedicated on Labor Day, Sept. 7. Today, 42 years later, the Civic Plaza located along Jackson Avenue at Webster Street features the attractive Dandelion Fountain, an accent imagined by architect Chuck George.

During the annual Naperville Art League Riverwalk Fine Art Fair, the Dandelion Fountain serves as the centerpiece across from the NAL information booth, on the northeast corner of Jackson Avenue at Webster Street. The 2023 event is set for Sept. 16-17. (PN Photo, Sept. 6, 2023)
A few days ago
On a bright September day
We embraced haiku.
Thinking in “haiku”
Begins a syllable test
To create short poems.
What are haiku rules?
Seven syllables sandwiched
Between lines of five.
Catch the spirit in 
17 syllables, three lines.
Again, that’s haiku!
The view is pictured from the Hillside Road Bridge as the DuPage River narrows and winds toward Edward Hospital.
From Hillside Road Bridge
To Jefferson Avenue Bridge
Stroll our Riverwalk.
The “Riverwalk Visionaries” plaque describes a Century Walk sculpture depicting businessman Jim Moser and Mayor Chester Rybicki. Find the artwork just east of the Dandelion Fountain. (PN Photo 2021)
Forty-two years of
Tossing coins in the fountain
Showcases spirit!
Toads are known to stop strollers in their tracks along the winding brick path as it turns into Sindt Woods. (PN File Photo)
Near silent Sindt Woods
A big toad croaks by the pond—
Splash! Silence returns.
More and more, harmless snakes surprise visitors along the path comprised of serpentine bricks right in the heart of downtown Naperville. (PN Photo)
The Riverwalk winds.
A snake slithers across
The serpentine bricks.
Just beyond the path that leads to Sindt Woods, a large turtle scurried into the brush while folks were checking out the area for the 2023 Lustgarten Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research in July. (PN Photo)
Walk for charity—
Stumbled upon big turtle.
Quick! Into the brush.
In May 2004, Fredenhagen Park with the Exchange Club Memories Fountain opened to welcome visitors along the Riverwalk. Watch for restoration of the peaceful and reflective fountain in 2024. (PN File Photo)
Fredenhagen Park,
Moser Tower down the hill,
Jaycees Playground, too.
The September 2023 issue of Positively Naperville is now available at more than 25 pick-up distribution racks. Catch as catch can! (PN Photo)
We think and we write.
Then we edit and rewrite
To publish monthly.
Find the historic Harold and Eva White Plaza just west of Main Street. (PN Photo)
Meanwhile, PN first
Published news when the winding
Riverwalk turned 20.
A large bronze plaque is a tribute to the early supporters of the Naperville Sesquicentennial Riverwalk that was dedicated on Sept. 7, 1981.
This month, September,
Riverwalk is 42.
PN is 22.
Since 2002, the annual observance of September 11 has been held along the DuPage River. For 2023, the Remembrance is planned at 6PM Mon., Sept. 11, at the Cmdr. Dan Shanower Sept. 11 Memorial. (PN File Photo)
Convey some insight.
Care for a walk in the park.
Observe nature’s way.
The first of three covered bridges along the Riverwalk is a tribute to the generosity and dedication of local families devoted to can-do spirit. (PN Photo 2021)




Golden Opportunity

Celebrate safely!

—PN, September 7, 2023

Shiny commemorative plaques featured in photos were restored in 2021 with funds for education/ enhancement from the Riverwalk Foundation. Thanks to all friends of the Naperville Riverwalk.

Last updated with photo captions, September 8, 2023

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