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Centennial Beach is now closed for the season / Thanks for your cooperation!


For the first time ever, our cameras ventured over to Centennial Beach about half past five on Labor Day to experience how the popular swim spot closes for the season. 

5:45PM: We watched as teens finished their game of volleyball, kids ended burying other kids in the sand, families began wrapping up picnics and all ages were leaving the water.

5:55PM: Over the loud speaker, the friendly voice said Centennial Beach is now closed for the season and everyone in the water was asked to go to the appropriate dressing room. Some swimmers were slow to depart, while others showered off sand outside. Still others packed up their belongings and headed toward the stairs.

6PM: After all the Labor Day swimmers had left the water in the “old swimming hole,” we enjoyed watching lifeguards take some off-duty time to jump off the diving boards. The entire area that the red-suited beach attendants had been guarding became free for all to demonstrate their skills and commitment to water safety. All summer their education and drowning prevention had been a part of the Centennial Beach scene.

We also weren’t really surprised to see one of the well-known “Beach Bums” among the last to leave on Labor Day.

Known as one of the dedicated “Beach Bums,” Ann Jansen prepares to leave Centennial Beach after her final jump from the high dive and swim to shore. “I’m gonna take my game and go home,” she said.

10:41AM Sept. 5, 2023 / With temperatures still in the 80s and humidity high, we wondered about a few things that helped beat the heat. We sent an email to Sameera Luthman, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Naperville Park District, with a number of pretty basic questions. We are grateful for her prompt attention!

What was the busiest day during summer 2023?

Saturday, June 24, with 3,351 people in attendance.

How many lifeguards are needed every day?

On a typical day, we have 21 lifeguard scheduled for open swim. However, this can vary based on which sections of the water are open and the other programming taking place at the facility.

In August, the availability of lifeguards fluctuates due to staff returning to school.

Labor Day 2023 we had enough staff to have the entire facility open, but this isn’t always the case because it depends on staff availability.

When can folks apply to work at Centennial Beach for summer 2024? 

Available positions will be posted on our website beginning in January. 

Other than lifeguard, what types of jobs are available at The Beach?

Guest services, swim team coaches, swim lesson instructors, and concession attendants

Any other comments about this year?

  • The summer was very consistent weather wise. A few really hot days and a few really cool days, but overall it was consistently good weather.
  • Despite the overall nationwide lifeguard shortage, we were successful in hiring a significant number of new lifeguards due to our proactive approach.

Centennial Beach will celebrate its first 100 years in 2031! Let’s get to the bottom of another great Naperville story. 

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