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Saturday, September 30, 2023

World premiere of The Jazz Yatra is set to open at Wentz Concert Hall on Sept. 15


Above / Mandala South Asian Performing Arts will perform Fri., Sept. 15, at Wentz Concert Hall. (Photo by Tom Rossiter)

Mandala South Asian Performing Arts, which connects audiences and students with the vibrancy, flavors, and colors of the performing arts traditions of South Asia, presents the world premiere of The Jazz Yatra, showcasing South Asian dance traditions with an Indo-jazz score by acclaimed jazz guitarist Fareed Haque.

The performance is 7PM Fri., Sept. 15, 2023, at Wentz Concert Hall, 171 E. Chicago Avenue, on the campus of North Central College.
The Jazz Yatra blends diverse artistic lenses to bring a riveting story to light, depicting the elements of nature as symbolic of hope and resilience for humankind to renew and revive itself. Artistic direction is by Mandala Founder and Executive Artistic Director Pranita Nayar with choreography by Nejla Yatkin, a 2023 Guggenheim fellow with a global reputation for captivating stage performances. Fareed Haque provides an original Indo-jazz score.
A cast of nine Mandala dancers trained in various dance styles—East Asian, South Asian, Black American and Euro-Caucasian—perform this work together, embracing new directions in contemporary Indian dance practice under the direction of choreographer Yatkin.

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Photo by Tom Rossiter

Before the dance performance begins, Haque and an ensemble of musicians will present a short performance of South Asian-influenced jazz.

Tickets are $15–100, available at mandalaarts.org/naperville/.

All programming is subject to change.

Photos courtesy Mandala Ensemble by Tom Rossiter.

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