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Theater for Charity will present ‘Into the Woods’ Sept. 22, 23 and 24


Above / “Into the Woods,” directed by AnnaMarie Ahonen, will be performed at Center Stage Theater, 1665 Quincy Avenue. (PN File Photo)

Theater for Charity will present “Into the Woods,” September 22, 23, and 24 at Center Stage Theater in Naperville.

Tickets are now available for shows at 7PM Fri., Sept. 22; 7PM Sat., Sept. 23; and 4:30PM Sun., Sept. 24. All proceeds raised from the production as well as the raffle and donations will benefit A.D.O.P.T. of Naperville, the community’s local no-kill shelter for dogs and cats. 

“We are thrilled to produce Stephen Sondheim’s beloved music masterpiece, ‘Into the Woods.’” stated producer Lynn Hodak in a news release. “Set to captivate audiences, this enchanting production will transport theatergoers on a whimsical journey that intertwines classic fairy tales with a thought-provoking exploration of wishes, consequences, and the power of storytelling.” 

Hodak continued, “The production will showcase a cast of extraordinary performers, each bringing their unique talents to the stage. Audiences will be swept away by the mesmerizing vocals, impeccable acting, and heartfelt performances that breathe new life into beloved characters such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, the Baker and his Wife, and the captivating Witch.”  

Sondheim’s timeless score is a masterpiece, weaving together complex melodies and insightful lyrics that delve into the human condition. From the poignant ballads to the catchy ensemble numbers, the score of “Into the Woods,” has become iconic in the realm of musical theater, and this production promises to deliver an exceptional rendition of Sondheim’s genius compositions. 

The Cast with Talent

The Witch will be performed by Emma Cook; Narrator, Stuart Vance; Cinderella, Rowan Currie; The Baker, Andy Emmerich; The Baker’s Wife, Danielle Rothe; Little Red Riding Hood, Liv Benson; Jack, Rogan Jackson; Jack’s Mother, Kate Loeffler; The Steward, Jay Hruska; Stepmother, David Scriven-Young;  Florinda, Meredith Strombeck; Lucinda, Patricia Domico.

Cinderella’s Father will be Kyle Halkerston; Cinderella’s Mother, Anissa Danley; Cinderella’s Prince and Wolf, Geon Ruffin; Rapunzel, Sarah Sheehan; Rapunzel’s Prince, Caleb Hand; Granny, Shannon Webb; Milky White, Alexandria Danley; The Harp, Maya Meschi; The Giant, Andrea Gough; Snow White, Jennifer Yager; and Sleeping Beauty, Kimberly Cromer.

The Production Team

“Into the Woods” will be directed by AnnaMarie Ahonen with producer Lynn Hodak and vocal director Kate Loeffler. The pianist for the production will be Matthew Loeb.

Purchase Tickets Online

General Admission Tickets are $28. Seniors and Children under 10 are $25. Tickets are available and can be purchased via https://www.showtix4u.com/event-details/75805.

Center Stage Theater is located at 1665 Quincy Avenue, STE 131, just west of Ogden Avenue.

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