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Nutrition Knowledge – Fruits and veggies


Fruits and veggies are our best source of micronutrients, especially antioxidants. By making sure that we eat enough fruits and veggies each day, we fill our bodies with good nutrients. There are over 12,000 phytochemicals that have been identified in fruits and vegetables. Each of these phytochemicals works synergistically to facilitate that antioxidant function of neutralizing oxidative stress in our body. Our immune system is fundamentally influenced by our overall health, and eating the proper foods every day keeps our whole body functioning like it should.

We need good sources of antioxidants because our body produces free radicals just in normal processes like metabolism, but also our environment hits us with free radicals, too!
Staying healthy means keeping our free radical production offset properly with a balanced food intake that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Aim for a goal of 2 servings per meal, and substitute high calorie, processed snacks for some veggies and dip or the ultimate fast foods: banana, orange or apple.

So what does this look like in a typical day? Well, breakfast can be an egg scrambler with some chopped up mushrooms and asparagus, and a nice big slice of melon. Lunch can be a salad with lettuce, cucumbers, red bell peppers and a grilled protein or some organic cheese. Dinner can include a side dish of broccoli and cauliflower, and berries for dessert.

Remember it is extremely important to vary our fruit and veggie intake. Don’t just eat the same few items every single day. Try something new at least once a week, and keep adding to the rotation. This provides great variations, as different categories of fruits and veggies are sources of different combinations of phytonutrients.

Create a beautiful plate with colorful, nutritious foods that appeal to the eye and make us enjoy the meal even more.

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Patty Minta, RD, LDN
Patty Minta, RD, LDNhttps://nourishednestedandblessed.com/
Patty Minta is a Registered & Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Visit her website for links, nutrition info and tips at www.nourishednestedandblessed.com.