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August Editor’s Notes


Thank you. Thanks to everybody for helping to make Naperville safe, healthy, attractive and oh, so interesting.

Special thanks to the City for its support of Naperville Municipal Band and the Community Concert Center in Central Park.

Ever since our family attended our first Thursday evening band concert in 1993, I’ve admired the wit and charm of narrator Ann Good Lord. In fact, in 2001 when PN produced a cable TV commercial to kick off our publication aimed at good news, Ann provided the voiceover. We’re forever grateful.

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Then a few years ago, when summer concert regular Doris Wood was looking forward to turning 90, I discovered I was born on her birthday. That connection keeps her in my thoughts every day. Doris is a kind and spirited Napervillian, one of the four daughters of Judge Win Knoch, with never-ending devotion to the City where she raised her family. Every time I see Doris at one of band concerts, I feel lucky to know Doris Knoch Wood.

We have a pretty good life here in Naperville. We’re extremely fortunate. And it’s easy to take it for granted. Yet, I’m oftentimes reminded it’s easy to complain.

The recent summer dog days have been reminders of how very blessed we are when things heat up. For instance, we simply turn on the tap and find clean drinkable running water to keep us hydrated. Our toilets flush. Our electric lights, ceiling fans and air-conditioning turn on with the flip of a switch.

We have sidewalks that lead to lovely parks in the great outdoors where we can open our minds to sights and sounds of nature.

And while there’s always room for improvement, the recent crime statistic report provided mostly good news regarding public safety. Let’s all work with Crime Stoppers to recognize that it’s up to all of us to keep our community safe. If you see something suspicious, say something. If you want to read the full crime report published in July, find it on the City’s website by searching “2023 Mid-Year Crime and Incident Data-Naperville.”

Two hundred sixty-fourth edition

This August issue marks the 264th monthly edition of Positively Naperville, featured in print and online since September 2001, and supported by local independently-owned businesses. Our publication is dedicated to the bright side of Naperville in a brief format, presenting a preview of upcoming local events and activities rather than a review of what’s already happened. As social media and constant messaging suggest, sometimes it’s a stretch to stay positive during challenging times. That’s why we’ve embraced promoting nonprofits and social services that may be helpful when dealing with everyday stresses and other challenges that unite us.

Opportunities exist to volunteer, have a good time and create memories without spending an arm and a leg. We aim to highlight them for our readers. We also appreciate our contributing columnists and sponsoring advertisers who help inform PN readers, too.

For instance, folks can plan and pack a picnic for the final free Naperville Municipal Band Concert of the season on Aug. 10 in Central Park. It’s a local tradition that’s thrived thanks to the talents and passion of Conductor Ron Keller since 1966.

You also can stroll the sidewalks throughout downtown and visit 19 dragonfly benches.

Sometimes it’s fun to slow down and learn while watching progress at work. Whether along the Naperville Riverwalk or in DuPage River Park, certainly this summer offers plenty of places to watch bridges be rebuilt.

While we’ve never aimed to be all things to everyone, we’ve always strived to put readers in touch with the freedoms we cherish. We’ve presented history, local lore and a community that thrives because countless individuals have cared and invested time, talents and resources to meet its ever-changing needs. Some might say the can-do spirit of success started when Captain Joseph Naper and his brother John brought their families to the banks of the DuPage River back in 1831.

And while Napervillians look forward to the end of dog days this month, perhaps note what’s in a name. Many summers ago I discovered my name spelled backward is Einahpets.

Catch the spirit. Thanks for reading.

– Stephanie Penick
PN Publisher

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PN Editor
PN Editor
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