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Naperville Jaycees seek volunteers for the 2023 Last Fling, Sept 1-4


Above / Naperville Jaycees invite the community to sign up to serve 4-5-hour shifts during Last Fling set for Sept. 1-4, along Jackson Avenue in downtown Naperville. (Photo courtesy Karen Coleman for Naperville Jaycees)

Update, Aug. 30, 2023 / “Yes! We do still need some volunteers,” said Karen Coleman on behalf of the Naperville Jaycees and the organizers of Last Fling. “Beverage tents and grillers are the most important spots needed,” she added.

If Labor Day weekend now has you with four or five hours of free time to give to this end of summer event, kindly visit www.lastfling.org/volunteer or email to manpower@lastfling.org. You will be appreciated!

Original Post, Aug. 2, 2023 / Each year, over the four days of Labor Day Weekend, the Naperville Jaycees host a festival attended by tens of thousands of locals and visitors alike. This year, from Fri., Sept 1, to Labor Day, Sept. 4, the organization is focusing more than ever on the importance of community. With that spirit, the Jaycees invite individuals, organizations and business to get in on the action as a Volunteer for the 2023 event.

Opportunities to give back are various at the Last Fling as volunteers are needed throughout the event; Beverage and Food Tent Workers, Special Event Assistants, Entrance Tent Workers, Signage, and Parking Attendants are among the many opportunities available.

Additionally, volunteering at the Last Fling is unlike any other opportunity of its kind, promoters say. Not only will volunteers have a chance to spend time with family, friends or coworkers to make memories, but every 4-5 hour shift will make an incredible difference for the community.

The Jaycees Gazebo, finished in 2001, is another generous donation from the Naperville Jaycees. The gazebo is located just off Fredenhagen Park as the Riverwalk winds around the bend in the DuPage River. (PN File Photo)

Volunteering can be a fundraiser for local groups

Did you know volunteers are able to sign up as a representative for a 501c3 organization; earning $7/hour/volunteer for that group! Some organizations which may qualify are Athletic Teams, Scout Troops, and other nonprofit agencies. 

“The Last Fling brings together families and neighbors to enjoy music, food and to make memories while supporting the community,” noted the Jaycees 2023 Chapter President, Dani Story

For many Jaycees, volunteering at the Last Fling is something they look forward to each year.  The community is welcome to join them.

For more information, visit www.lastfling.org/volunteer or email to manpower@lastfling.org

Find Naperville Jaycees community support every day

Did you know? The Jaycees Marina with paddleboats in the Riverwalk Quarry was funded with proceeds from Last Fling back in the 1980s. The service club has supported many other projects along the Riverwalk, too. Plus, about 20 years ago, the Jaycees gave $40,000 to help fund the Community Concert Center in Central Park. Cheers! (PN File Photo)

The Naperville Jaycees is a nonprofit service organization for young professionals dedicated to offering Naperville-area residents the opportunity to better themselves and to grow personally and professionally while giving through community service and fundraising efforts.

The group’s annual events include: East Egg Hunt, Lobster Day and countless other worthwhile projects that positively impact the community.

For a couple days before Last Fling, it’s become tradition that Jackson Avenue will be alive with spirited Jaycees putting together the framework for four days of family fun beginning the Friday evening of Labor Day weekend. (PN File Photo 2022)

The group also organizes and staffs the Last Fling in close cooperation with the City of Naperville, the Naperville Park District, numerous Naperville community organizations and hundreds of volunteers. Proceeds from the Last Fling over the past two decades have exceeded $2M for other nonprofit organizations in Naperville and surrounding communities.

Monthly meetings are open to all and are held on the second Tuesday of each month at Judd Kendall VFW, located at 908 West Jackson Avenue in Naperville. For information, call the chapter’s hotline at (630) 961-9375 or visit naperjaycees.org for more details.

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