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News outlets find folks to interview about Veterans’ issues at Rosie’s in Naperville


Above / Rosie’s Home Cookin’ welcomes news reporters to help tell stories about Veterans’ issues. Next up, NewsNation plans to visit Rosie’s from 7AM to 9:30AM Tues., June 29. (PN Photo)

When a camera crew arrived at Rosie’s Home Cookin’ on May 15, 2023, to report on public safety in the suburbs, relative to Chicago, the popular diner located at 1567 N. Aurora Road received double exposure during air time on both FOX News via “Breakfast with Friends” and FOX Business with Stuart Varney.

During his visit to Rosie’s Home Cookin’, Gianno Caldwell was quick to lend his microphone to folks at the diner. Here Caldwell is sandwiched between Lynn Lowder and Sandy Lowder. (PN Photo)

FOX News political analyst Gianno Caldwell spoke with owner-operator Lynn Lowder, a Veteran Marine who served in Vietnam, as well as dozens of other Veterans and diner guests from 5-8AM during the show that highlights the latest in news, weather, sports and entertainment with a casual and spontaneous discourse.

Rosie’s regulars enjoyed getting to know Gianno Caldwell during “Breakfast with Friends.” (PN Photo)

Caldwell, a Chicago native who now resides in Florida, has some connections with folks in Naperville that date back before he joined FOX in 2017.

With memories of working in Naperville with FOX News political analyst Gianno Caldwell before he joined FOX, Brian Colgan greeted Caldwell at Rosie’s Home Cookin’. (PN Photo)

Longtime associate Naperville resident Brian Colgan stopped by Rosie’s to greet Caldwell and it seemed like old-home week. 

After several interviews for FOX News during “Breakfast with Friends,” Gianno Caldwell talked with Stuart Varney during a segment for FOX Business. Public safety was the topic. (PN Photo)
Below are two video links from several of the featured segments presented at Rosie’s Home Cookin’ on May 15, 2023.

Off camera, Caldwell extended his gratitude to many diners in attendance who had expressed condolences regarding the murder of his youngest brother, Christian Caldwell, in Chicago last June 24. Caldwell, always hopeful, continues to seek justice, saying he’s been “disappointed” in the way the Chicago police have been doing their jobs.

Link featured at James Hoch Photography: jameshochphotography. Jim Hoch emailed on May 15, 2023, “Fox & Friends visited Rosie’s this morning and spent time with the Veterans discussing issues of the day.”

NewsNation plans visit to Rosie’s on June 27

Travis Harrison from “NewsNation” has scheduled a visit at Rosie’s Home Cookin’ from 7AM to 9:30AM Tues., June 27, for television interviews.

NewsNation will use its morning segment at 7:50AM to interview Veteran business owners and learn more about their journey and businesses. Afterward, a segment at 8:50AM will feature interviews of other Veterans, talking about their wartime and peacetime experiences.

“NewsNation seems pretty impartial/not politically charged and questions during interviews will revolve around Veterans experiences and our Veteran community,” emailed Jennifer Slown.  

Who: All Veterans and Veteran Supporters
What: Come to Rosie’s for FREE breakfast and be interviewed (not required)
When: 7AM to 9:30AM Tues., June 27
Where: Rosie’s Home Cookin’ 1567 North Aurora Road
Why: Support Rosie’s! And if interested, “share your story and news about this wonderful Veteran community with a larger audience,” noted Slown. 

Any Veteran interested in being interviewed is encouraged to let Slown know so she can connect speakers with the producer.

One more thing about Rosie’s Home Cookin’… Owner-operator Lynn Lowder, a Vietnam Marine who has been a Naperville resident for the past 40 years, gives everyone a warm welcome at Rosie’s, located at 1567 N. Aurora Road, just west of Ogden Avenue on Naperville’s north side.

Open 7AM to 2PM Tuesday through Sunday, Rosie’s is a popular stop for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Check it out! Come sit at the counter, enjoy a good cup of coffee and find camaraderie at Rosie’s diner.


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