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Sales Focus – What’s your superpower?


There are many superpowers we utilize in our personal and professional lives. Some superpowers have traditionally been reserved for the fictional characters on the Big Screen. But most superpowers can be found among us mere mortals.

X-ray vision: Building and home inspectors have tools to detect defects.

Telepathy: Wives and bosses are really good at reading minds.

Telekinesis: Moving objects with your mind is best done by Yoda, who coached many sales pros with tips including, “Do or do not. Never try.”

Flying: Still not sure why people jump out of perfectly good airplanes.

Time travel: I once flew from Cleveland to Chicago and landed 15 minutes before I took off.

Super speed: Military jet pilots and Flash. I am looking for several Flash costumes so we can be a Flash mob.

Healing: Although I have yet to observe a child’s broken bone heal in less than a minute, I’ve seen Doctors reset a bone which broke through the skin. After a few weeks, the cast is removed, and the bone has healed.

Empathy: You have remarkable powers of perception when it comes to other people. With your own Spidey Senses tingling, you pick up on the needs and emotions around you, even when no one is saying anything.

Service: When the call for help is sounded, you drop what you are doing to help. Your listening skills, patience, and kindness are more superpowers you call on to reduce or eliminate their stress and their anxiety.

Storytelling: “What’s your story? Everyone’s got a story.” Those were the opening lines to the movie, Pretty Woman, a wonderful story. Being a good storyteller is a gift, a rare superpower many of us use to get the future customer or audience engaged and interact with us as we work towards the elusive successful outcome.

Numbers: You can generate dropdown worksheets faster than the speed of sound. Back in graduate school, I wondered why so many folks chose finance and accounting as career choices, so I took the course ‘Working Capital Management,’ and still wonder.

Creative thinking: You enjoy the sight of a blank piece of paper. That’s because you are an artist and can see what’s not yet real; and then make it real.

Self-discipline: The ability to focus and avoid distractions is one of my favorite superpowers. Over the eight years operating Naperville Senior Center Adult Day, I have learned to do the bookkeeping tasks on the weekend when no one is around. During the workday, distractions are inevitable, but the ability to return to the project with minimal time wasted is essential.

Closer: You can identify your customer’s problem, overcome their objections and pesky stalls, guide them to a successful outcome, and make them believe it was their idea.

Enthusiasm & Positivity: If you wake up and are anything but positive and enthusiastic, go back to bed. Nobody wants to be around a whining adult. Being positive and enthusiastic are two of my superpowers.

Other superpowers include Invisibility, Kindness, Attitude, and Decision Making. What are yours? Remember, use your superpowers and Heat Up Your Sales!

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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.