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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Reflections of can-do spirit


The old quarry at the Eagle Street entrance to the Riverwalk depicts one our favorite views as it reflects the incredible can-do spirit of this community.

From one fishing pier near the Gregory Gazebo to the other near the Farmers Plaza (from where this photo was taken), the view is a peaceful tribute to many local citizens, families and service clubs that helped build this natural treasure. This month the Jaycees Marina will open with opportunities to rent paddle boats.

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Enjoy the wildlife all along the Naperville Riverwalk from Hillside Road to Fredenhagen Park to Jefferson Avenue. Simply remember to let wildlife be wild. Let ducks, geese and other waterfowl find food naturally. Thank you!

Find plaques, engraved bricks and other signs of “can-do spirit” all along the Riverwalk that help tell the history of the winding brick path in the heart of Naperville. Cliff Preston (1926-2016) is credited with 35-plus years of volunteer service to the growth and development of Riverwalk, a gift to the Naperville community to commemorate the City’s sesquicentennial and dedicated on Labor Day 1981. (PN Photo)

Cliff Preston was known for his dedication every step of the way along the Riverwalk—and that’s why a tribute to Cliff Preston is located near the Farmers Plaza overlooking the Fishing Pier at Eagle Street. This photo shows Preston putting the roof on the Jaycees Gazebo in 2001 along the Riverwalk Extension near the Washington Street Bridge. The Jaycees donated $40,000 to the Riverwalk 2000 campaign to underwrite the Gazebo. (PN File Photo)

Thanks to everyone for helping to keep the Riverwalk well maintained and beautiful. And remember the Riverwalk is just steps from shopping and dining in downtown Naperville. Celebrate the seasons safely.

April snow showers bring May flowers

Traditionally, when Forget-me-nots bloom in the spring, the tiny blue blossoms stand for remembrance, love and respect. Forget-me-nots also have become a symbol for Alzheimer’s and dementia. On April 17, the flowers planted in memory of my mother, Carol Crookston, near our front porch also will be remembered with icy snow and a breezy temperature of 33 degrees on that spring day.

Perhaps save the date, Sept. 17, 2023, to learn more about Alzheimer’s research when the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s Naperville returns to Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium at North Central College. For info, visit act.alz.org.

Stephanie Penick, PN Publisher

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