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A better Naperville begins today


If you have been following campaigns and campaign results for any length of time, you know that it seems like the results of our elections are getting closer and closer. The margins are so tight often it takes a few days to determine who won. Local elections, especially, come down to just a few votes. We know voter turnout is always crucial. But don’t you think the bigger takeaway for the newly elected is this: Your win does not constitute a mandate or directive.

This is often the fatal mistake of newly electeds. The focus is only on the agenda that supposedly got them elected. Very few do a deep dive into how the aisle can be crossed early on. Divisions continue, dislikes deepen, and an opportunity is missed. This is an opportunity to work with those who think differently than you and show everyone what kind of leader you really are.

And those who don’t win? Well, many just go away. We don’t hear from them. They get discouraged and so they move on. The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce understands with elections-the losses and the wins-comes an opportunity to partner. Yet many of our candidates who run for office miss this crucial opportunity. Our goal is to change this way of thinking.

Public service is a hard life. It is a choice that transcends elections. Those who choose this way of life have the ultimate responsibility. It begins when those who win and those who don’t win an election come together.

On April 24, the NACC hosted our first ever Unity Breakfast for candidates, elected officials, community leaders, and those committed to finding ways of working together to continue the good work for our City. One of our guest speakers, Clayton Muhammad, the City of Aurora’s Director of Communications and Equity, put it best when he said, “Unity doesn’t mean sameness-it means oneness in purpose.”

We were excited to see so many come out for this event. With well over 80 registrants, it is apparent there is strength in numbers. And, the NACC is excited about the work ahead.

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Beth Goncher
Beth Goncherhttp://naperville.net
Beth Goncher wrote this column for Naperville Chamber of Commerce Director of Government Affairs. She can be reached at bethgoncher@gmail.com or (630) 777-1577.