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Sweetgreen is opening its doors soon


The popular healthy, fresh, fast-casual restaurant is opening in downtown Naperville at 223 South Main Street on Tuesday, May 9, for their soft opening. Sweetgreen’s mission since day one has been to build healthier communities by connecting people to real food.

Every day, across its 200 restaurants, their team members create plant-forward, seasonal, and earth-friendly meals from fresh ingredients and produce that prioritizes organic, regenerative, and local sourcing. Their core values guide their actions and they aim to empower their customers, team members, and partners to be a positive force on the food system. That’s why they’ve built a transparent supply network, cook from scratch, and are building a community of people who believe in the power of real food.

Sweetgreen was started in 2007 in a 560-square-foot restaurant in Washington, DC, by three college students who were simply looking for a healthier way to eat. When they were in school, there were two choices: food that was slow, expensive, and fresh—or fast, cheap, and unhealthy. They saw an opportunity to create a business where quality was never sacrificed for convenience. Sweetgreen’s strong food ethos and investment in local communities have enabled them to grow into a national brand.

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