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Election results show high turnout in DuPage County


Above / DuPage County had highest voter turnout among regional counties in the 2023 Consolidated Election. In Naperville, “Vote Here” banners marked the spot where residents from both DuPage and Will counties could vote at the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle Street. The Naperville City Council inauguration also will take place here on April 30. (PN File Photo, March 2023)

As the City of Naperville plans its City Council inauguration to begin at 1PM Sun., April 30, 2023, County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek announces DuPage had the highest regional voter turnout in the 2023 Consolidated Election compared with suburban Cook, Lake, Will, Kane and McHenry counties.

DuPage County had 20.33% voter turnout, nearly three points above the next-highest county.

“A top priority of mine has been to increase voter turnout. In order to achieve that, voter access must be optimized. I wanted citizens to be tripping over voting opportunities,” stated Kaczmarek in a news release. “The combination of actively promoting mail voting, doubling early voting locations, and DuPage being the only Illinois county to offer ‘Vote Anywhere’ on Election Day made a difference.”

DuPage County voter turnout compared to neighboring counties

Today DuPage County sent certified results to the Illinois State Board of Elections that 124,033 ballots were cast from 610,092 registered voters – 40,842 mail, 21,890 early voting, and 61,301 Election Day ballots. DuPage beat its own recent consolidated election turnout high of 18.93% in 2013, the report said.

DuPage County (Includes portion of Naperville) 20.33% / Election Night Reporting (dupageresults.gov)

Kane County  17.42% / Cumulative Report.pdf (kanecountyclerk.org)

Will County (Includes portion of Naperville)  16.64% / Election Night Reporting (clarityelections.com)

Suburban Cook County  13.81% / Election Results – Cook County Clerk’s Office (cookcountyclerkil.gov)

Lake County  13.64% / Election Night Reporting (clarityelections.com)

McHenry County 13.50% / Election Night Reporting (clarityelections.com)

“A number of factors influence voter turnout including heated races and referendums with aggressive campaigning. Like DuPage, every county has their own races and campaigns driving turnout,” Kaczmarek noted. “I believe advancing voter access deserves credit for DuPage’s turnout being comparatively high.”

Still, Positively Naperville editors and contributors join many residents who wonder why many registered voters resist voting in local elections. Why do eligible voters seem unaware of the importance to vote in local elections? Why do so few residents know the names of local elected officials who set public policy and approve local budgets on governing bodies that impact municipalities, park districts and school boards? With many meet-and-greet events, public forums as well as campaign signs and mailers providing opportunities to get to know qualified candidates, why don’t voters vote?

“Of course, with DuPage being the leader, there’s plenty of room for turnout growth. Ultimately it is the responsibility of citizens to participate in democracy,” added Kacamarek. 

In her news release, Kaczmarek vowed “to continue helping citizens to not take their precious right to vote for granted.”

Naperville City Council Inauguration is set for 1PM Sun., April 30

The public and media are invited to the inauguration of incoming Mayor-Elect Scott A. Wehrli; returning Council member Patrick Kelly; and incoming City Council members Allison Longenbaugh, Josh McBroom and Nate Wilson. 

The inauguration will begin at 1PM Sunday, April 30, 2023, in Council Chambers, located in the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St.

Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners

Voters re-elected NPD Commissioner Rich Janor while electing newcomers Christopher Jacks and John Risvold to serve 4-year terms on the Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners. They will take their oath of office and seats in May.

Naperville Unit Community School District 203

Voters re-elected Joe Kozminski and Kristine Gericke and elected newcomer Melissa Kelly Black to serve 4-year terms on the School District 203 Board of Education. They will take their oath of office in May.

Indian Prairie School District 204

In a no contest election with three candidates running, voters re-elected Justin Karubas and Mark Rising and elected newcomer Catey Genc to serve 4-year terms on the School District 204 Board of Education. They will take their oath of office in May.

Thanks to candidates!

With an attitude of gratitude, let us express the fact that our community is fortunate to have many qualified individuals who aim to serve on local governing bodies. Here’s hoping if success didn’t find a qualified candidate’s being elected during this campaign, folks will get behind the hopeful with encouragement to run in the next Consolidated Election. —PN

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