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Sales Focus – ‘Family first, then heat up your sales’


What happens when someone in your family gets sick? I mean, really sick… That’s what happened to my 98-year-old Dad right before Christmas. What happens? You stop what you’re doing, and go to your family.

Jan. 1, we moved my Dad and his wife, Kitty, from Naples, NY, (southeast of Buffalo) to New Haven, CT. He got COVID on Dec. 15, with a nasty cough. My younger sister, Corti, was with him over Christmas and called in reinforcements; Dad was close to dying. I got there Fri., Dec. 29.

Saturday the 30th, Dad is not looking good; very weak. All he could do was shuffle to the kitchen, eat, shuffle back to bed and sleep. I spent time with him while awake and kept his forehead cooled down.

Sunday the 31st, Dad is doing better. Color is better. He assured me he was not dying this day. I was in no rush to move him. Still, all he could do was eat, sleep, eat, and sleep some more. My plan was to take two days to drive him the seven-hour distance. He told me all he wanted for the trip was two peanut butter sandwiches and warm socks. Corti and Kitty made the seven-hour drive Sunday.

Mon., Jan. 1, I loaded Kitty’s car with as much stuff as could fit. After breakfast, Dad slept and when he woke, I got him in the car for the three-and-a-half-hour ride. He kept asking, “Where the hell are we going?” Told him we were moving him to Connecticut to get him out of upstate New York. He complained, “All my friends are here.” I replied, “Dad? You haven’t seen any of your friends since October.” He agreed. Plus, they’re all younger and would be able to drive to Connecticut to visit.

We made it in about four hours. Along the way, I handed him a cooler bag with two peanut butter sandwiches and some chips. He was wearing the warm socks. After a couple bites he asked, “Got anything to drink?” I pointed to a travel mug I had filled with a Leinenkugel. He was pleasantly surprised. He was looking and feeling much better. We were telling stories of long ago and he shared a couple Navy stories I’d never heard before. We found a decent hotel and he crashed for a solid hour. We got food from a diner and started watching the Buffalo-Cincinnati football game. Dad fell asleep right before the Bills’ player collapsed on the field.

Tuesday morning, Jan. 2, Dad is looking and feeling much better. We got going right after breakfast. Unfortunately, it was raining the rest of the trip. We made it to The Linden of Woodbridge about 1:30PM. Dad crashed on his bed and the rest of us unpacked and sorted through all the stuff. Dinner at the new place starts at 4:45PM, and was delicious. There was even a ‘Guest Suite’ I stayed in for $100, plus $14 for meals.

Wed., Jan. 3, I ate breakfast and lunch with Dad and Kitty, stalked the entire campus, and was very comfortable with their new home. I observed the Head Nurse working the dining room during lunch, stopping and talking and listening to each Resident. She took her time. She listened. Very impressive.

I caught the 7:30PM flight back to Chicago from Hartford.

Family first.

Then, Heat Up Your Sales.

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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.