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WDSRA: Grow, connect and discover through recreation


At the heart of the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) is the ability for every individual with a special need to grow as an individual, connect with their community and discover their potential. We do this in the most natural and engaging way… through special recreation!

We like to say there are two ways to play at WDSRA. The first is through our extensive line of programs. Structured similar to park district programs, there is something for every interest. Families can choose from four seasons of exciting athletics, music, dance, art, theater, trips, and special events. There are also social clubs and camps.

WDSRA partners with groups like the King Cobra Drumline to offer exciting new experiences.

The second way is through inclusion services. These are accommodations that give individuals the ability to participate alongside peers in regular park district programs at their highest level of ability. Accommodations can range from adaptive equipment to one-on-one support in programs and everything in between. We work closely with the family to determine a personal plan for each individual. Inclusion services are provided at no additional cost to the family.

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One of the greatest joys of being a part of the WDSRA family is watching the progression of a participant. Because we have programs for every age, many participants stay with us from childhood to adulthood. We help them grow personally at every stage.

Learning new skills like cooking is just one of the many programs offered by WDSRA.

A key tenant to special recreation at WDSRA is that our programs are community-based. Being out and about in the community, whether it is enjoying a group dinner at a local restaurant or taking in a movie, it gives everyone a chance to connect with the communities in which they live.

And of course, we are thrilled to help each individual discover their potential. It might be learning a new skill like how to pay a bill at a restaurant. It could be trying something for the very first time like making it to the top of the climbing wall. With WDSRA, there are opportunities for everyone!

Perhaps most importantly, we do it all through fun and engaging recreation programs! 

By the way, if you would like to be a part of all the fun consider becoming a part of the WDSRA program staff. We are currently hiring for summer programs. Simply go to www.wdsra.com and click the Join Our Team button.

To learn more about WDSRA, visit www.wdsra.com.

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Sherry Manschot
Sherry Manschothttp://www.wdsra.com
Sherry Manschot is the Marketing/Public Relations Manager at Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. She can be contacted at sherrym@wdsra.com. Learn about WDSRA at www.wdsra.com.


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