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North Central College – A Fresh Start: Transferring from One College to Another


by Heather Breed
Senior Director of Undergraduate Admission

As winter turns to spring, college-bound high school seniors are finalizing decisions about which postsecondary institution to attend. Some current college students are also weighing their options: those who plan to transfer schools.

The reasons for transferring can vary. Maybe a student is at a four-year institution that isn’t a good fit. Maybe it’s too big or too far. Perhaps personal or family circumstances have changed. Or, a student at a two-year-institution may have planned all along to transfer somewhere new to complete studies towards a bachelor’s degree.

In either case, a top concern is how many of the credits earned so far—whether at one or multiple institutions—will transfer to a new school. The answer impacts expense and time: What is still needed to complete a degree, and what will be the cost and graduation timeline? At North Central, we have admissions counselors who are dedicated to answering such questions for transfer students.

Another consideration is scholarships. Not every school offers them for transfer students. At North Central, incoming transfer students receive a guaranteed $23,500 academic scholarship, with a maximum academic scholarship award of up to $25,500 possible per academic year. In addition, a student may receive Phi Theta Kappa and departmental scholarships.

Understandably, transfer students (and their parents) may worry about starting over in a new place. At North Central, they are far from alone . Transfer students make up approximately a third of our incoming class each fall , and each automatically becomes part of our Transfer Student Network, which includes:

  • Student-leaders who serve as hosts and mentors, sharing their own experiences as transfer students;
  • Faculty mentors who meet with new transfers during their first month and serve as a point of contact in their academic department;
  • A new space where transfer students can connect, study and attend lunch-and-learn workshops during their first months on campus.

In addition, for transfer students who are the first in their family to attend college, our innovative Cardinal First program provides an added dimension of support and mentoring all the way until graduation.

Transferring schools is easier when you know that faculty, staff and fellow students will be invested in your success.

Interested in applying to North Central, or know someone who is? Our next traditional start term is Fall 2023, which begins August 23. For full admission, financial aid and registration consideration, there is a target date of August 2, 2023, for fall semester file completion. If you cannot complete your file by that date, call 630-637-5800 to discuss your situation. We are also admitting students for the Spring 2024 semester. You can find our application at www.northcentralcollege.edu/transfer/how-to-apply.

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