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Round 2 of City Council Candidate Public Forum begins at 7PM Feb. 28


The Senior Task Force and Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation (NAHC) will host the second of two public forums featuring candidates running to serve four seats on the Naperville City Council.

The event, open to the public, begins at 7PM Tues., Feb. 28, in Council Chambers at the Napervillle Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle Street. The forum also will be broadcast live via the City’s government access TV. And later the forum will be rebroadcast on NCTV-17.

Twenty-six-year Naperville resident, entrepreneur and current president of the Naperville Development Partnership Mark Wright again will serve as moderator.

Since the first forum on Jan. 28, now streaming online with a click on the image below, more than 100 questions have been received from an interested public.

NAHC and Senior Task Force City Council Candidate Forum

Representatives of the Senior Task Force and Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation have chosen 20 questions from the 100 received to ask during the next City Council forum. Answers will be timed for up to 30-second and up to 45-second answers. Brevity will be appreciated, organizers said.

NAHC again will handle timing. Extra time will not be permitted. KidsMatter volunteers again will be serving as ushers.

Candidates again will draw lots for their order on the dais. (PN File Photo, Jan. 31, 2023)

Since the first forum provided time for opening statements from all 11 candidates (Listed here in ballot order: Nag Jaiswal, Rebecca Malotke-Meslin, Josh McBroom, Jodi Trendler, Patrick Kelly, Nathan “Nate” Wilson, Ashfaq Syed, Meghna Bansal, Ashley South, Allison Longenbaugh and Madhu Uppal.) no opening statements will be given during the second forum. Instead, every candidate will be given up to 45 seconds for closing remarks.

Ten of 11 candidates running in the nonpartisan Consolidated Election for Naperville City Council have replied that they are available to attend this second public forum. Malotke-Meslin noted when she replied to attend the first forum that she had a prior commitment on Feb. 28.

Every candidate was sent a document with all 100 questions. Candidates will have an opportunity to become familiar with what’s on residents’ minds. The forum committee deleted and will continue to omit what were considered “gotcha” questions. Several similar questions have been combined. No hard “yes” or “no” questions will be asked without the “depends” option.

Two brief sessions of Rapid Fire questions will break up the 90 to 120-minute forum. Timing, however, is aimed for a 90-minute program.

  • Welcome – Mark Wright
  • Round One – 5-6 Questions (Up to 30-45 second answers)
  • Rapid Fire – 5-7 Questions (One-to-three word answers)
  • Round Two – 5-6 Questions (Up to 30-45 second answers)
  • Rapid Fire – 5-7 Questions (One-to-three word answers)
  • Closing Remarks (45 seconds)
  • Wrap Up with Thanks! – Mark Wright

The same respect and proper decorum expected at City Council meetings will be expressed to the audience. In other words, no cheers, no jeers, no applause. The audience will be reminded not to yell out questions or answers.

Save the date! Note the Mayoral Candidate Forum is slated to begin at 7PM Tues., March 14, 2023, in Council Chambers.

Council Chambers will be open at 6:30PM for individual seating in advance of both forums set to begin promptly at 7PM.

KidsMatter volunteers again will serve as ushers to pass out programs.

The public is encouraged and welcome to attend.

Early In-Person Voting begins March 20, 2023

Early in-person voting begins at the Naperville Municipal Center and other Naperville locations on March 20. The nonpartisan 2023 Consolidated Election is Tues., April 4.

For more information about the Senior Task Force and Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation, click on the red.

Click here: Get to Know Candidates via public meet & greet events, etc.

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