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Sunshine, 48 degrees and six kayakers on the DuPage River


Looking north along the DuPage River, the view from the Jefferson Avenue Bridge included six kayakers in the morning sunshine on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023. For about 20 minutes, we followed their Sunday morning row during a fast-paced jaunt along the Riverwalk until we crossed the footbridge that took us toward Rotary Hill.

Kayakers, ducks and geese are on the move along the peaceful DuPage River.
Yes, the kayakers are from the same friendly group that navigates the DuPage River regularly, weather permitting, no matter what the season.
The group has been kayaking together for years.
Kayakers said their destination was Pioneer Park, located at 1212 S. Washington Street.
Just about to go under the footbridge over the DuPage River to Centennial Beach and Centennial Park, joyful kayakers likely anticipated the change in the river’s flow about to begin.
A few geese scurried out of their way.
That shadow just ahead of the kayakers is cast from Moser Tower.

Memories of Santa and friends on the DuPage River in 2021

Have you ever seen such a sight in your life as kayakers in Santa hats row-row-rowing on the DuPage River? (PN File Photo 2021)

Back on a warm wintry day in December 2021, PN captured photos of kayakers in Santa hats row-row-rowing on the DuPage River at a time when Santa Claus seemed to suddenly appear everywhere.

Come on down to the heart of Naperville. Discover the City’s natural treasure with winding brick paths along DuPage River from the Jefferson Avenue Bridge to the Hillside Road Bridge.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season every day—and especially on a sunny Sunday. Gazing at blue skies is good for everyone, a proven to stress reliever, helping to put emotions in perspective.

When time permits, also venture into downtown Naperville where plenty of shopping opportunities are available in between meals at local eateries. Just don’t feed the wildlife.

PN Fun Photos from Feb. 12, 2023.


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