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Love for Turning Pointe


by a Turning Pointe Mom

As the mom of a child with special needs, it’s all too easy to get lost in the space between being a mom, and being an advocate for my son, Noah. I can’t ask Noah what he likes or dislikes, and de-coding his mood is an art I’m still refining. My mind jumps between safety issues and sensory overload, therapy appointments and caring for my daughter. All the usual worries of a parent sending their child to school are magnified because I know that he can’t tell me if he’s making friends, being bullied, or feeling alienated by a teacher.

By the time my son had switched schools three times due to safety issues and a lack of belief in his abilities from staff, I was completely exhausted – and so was Noah. Although Noah is verbally limited, he has other ways to show how he feels. In the past, it was very clear to me how he felt about school. Every morning, I wiped away his tears and felt the terrible weight of guilt for making him get on that bus.

Our breaking point came when Noah went missing from his public school. An unknown man saw a young boy running into a busy street, blocks away from the school! Fortunately, the stranger had good intentions and was able to safely get Noah into his car and away from traffic. However, after a life of protecting my children from danger, I know that the story could have had a much less happy ending. I knew that things needed to change, for both of us.

For our family, Turning Pointe truly was a turning point in every possible way. The small class sizes and complete support from staff have shown Noah that school doesn’t have to be a struggle. I could never have imagined my son running to the bus, excited to go to school – but that’s the sight I get to see every single morning. The smile on his face makes those past struggles fade into the background. I’m no longer sending him to a classroom that dims his light. Instead, I know that every time he goes to school, he is learning to shine to his full potential.

I feel like I can finally breathe, knowing that I’m not alone in supporting Noah. Every child deserves to learn in a place where they are totally supported, and I feel that Noah has finally found this support. This Valentine’s Day, I want to share the love with Turning Pointe – and from the smile that I see on his face before he goes to school every day, I know Noah feels that love just as much as I do.

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Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
Turning Pointe Autism Foundationhttp://turningpointeautismfoundation.org/
Established in 2007 to raise the quality of educational supports for children and young adults with autism, Turning Pointe Autism Foundation creates best practice learning environments to increase independence, improve communication and socially appropriate behaviors.


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