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A new reason to reach out to elected officials


In 2020, Illinois voters were asked to weigh in on a Constitutional Amendment that would institute a graduated income tax. The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, among other Chambers and business groups came out in strong opposition. Despite this initiative being rejected by a majority of Illinois voters, there is a movement underway in the Illinois General Assembly to reintroduce the measure.

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is closely monitoring this movement as we believe it is a matter of time before legislation will be introduced, paving the way for another ballot initiative in 2024. This illustrates the importance of voter engagement as we hold our elected officials accountable for bad or destructive policy. We know that “bad policy happens” when we don’t pay attention. We have heard the stories over the years of legislation passing in the wee hours of the night or being pushed through during veto or lame-duck sessions.

It is disappointing to see this unpopular way to pass policy seems to be happening more and more often. Good, lasting, and effective public policy occurs when both sides of the aisle come together to craft it. This takes time, patience, and transparency. This doesn’t happen overnight behind closed doors.

The NACC recognized years ago that we needed to take a proactive approach and advocate for our members and our community. As a voter, you must continue to voice your opinion on issues that matter to you. We have some very dedicated elected officials in the area who are open and accessible. They want to hear from you to know where you stand. So, if you’re following the graduated income tax (like the NACC), we would encourage you to reach out to the people you elected to represent you and those you may not have voted for.

If you don’t know who your elected officials are or how to contact them, you can find them through the Illinois State Board of Elections at www.elections.il.gov/ElectionOperations.

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Beth Goncher
Beth Goncherhttp://naperville.net
Beth Goncher wrote this column for Naperville Chamber of Commerce Director of Government Affairs. She can be reached at bethgoncher@gmail.com or (630) 777-1577.


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