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Naperville State of the City Address is set for March 9, 2023


Above / Mayor Steve Chirico will deliver his farewell State of the City Address beginning at 4:30PM Thurs., March 9, on stage at Wentz Concert Hall. (PN File Photo)

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce has announced plans for the annual State of the City Address” presented by the Naperville Mayor, an annual event that dates back to when Margaret “Peg” Price served as Mayor and Jack Romine led the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. 

The 2023 State of the City address will be held from 4PM to 7PM Thurs., March 9, on stage at Wentz Concert Hall in the North Central College Fine and Performing Arts Center on the campus of North Central College.

The stated message sent to membership of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce on February 1 included an invitation: “Join us as we put a new twist on the State of the City Address and present this year’s event as a momentous cocktail reception. We will reflect on the City of Naperville’s successes over the past year and look to the bright future ahead for our community.” 

The email also noted “As Mayor Steve Chirico prepares to leave office in May after eight years in the role, this year’s State of the City address will be filled with his reflections, thanks to community leaders, the good news of 2022, and a reminder that actions taken today will light the way for Naperville in the upcoming decades.”

“It’s been a privilege to partner with NACC and give the State of the City address for eight years,” noted Mayor Steve Chirico in a following news release. “I’m looking forward to one final chance to remind all of us how our tenacity, innovation, and partnerships make Naperville shine year after year, and to thank everyone who’s been a part of that journey. Our city’s future is bright, and this is a wonderful chance to pause and celebrate where we’ve been and what’s ahead.”

The Mayor also uses the program as an opportunity to recognize Naperville’s city officials and employees for their accomplishments and dedication to the community.

“The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce’s relationship with the City of Naperville has always been highlighted through this powerful event each year,” stated Kaylin Risvold, NACC President and CEO. “The State of the City Address serves as the perfect opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of our Mayor and City employees and a way to acknowledge the hard work and dedication it takes to build a business-forward environment that serves the business community.  I am proud our Chamber can offer a stage for this final address by Mayor Chirico.  \He has been a tremendous leader for our city, a trusted advisor for our Chamber, and a model of bold business ideals we will continue to feel the lasting effects of inside our community.”

Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Member Seating is $75 per person. Community Member Seating is $90 per person. Group prices are available, too. To make reservations, visit www.naperville.net/your-network/signature-events/state-of-the-city-address/.

The event begins at 4PM with guest registration.

Mayor Chirico’s address on stage will begin at 4:30PM in Wentz Concert Hall. From 5:30 to 7PM, attendees will gather in the lobby for cocktails, appetizers, and cheers of thanks, organizers said. 

Memories of former Naperville Mayors & State of the City

Mayor Peg Price, Mayor Chet Rybicki, Mayor Sam Macrane and Mayor Pradel back in 2001, the first year of Positively Naperville. (PN File Photo)

Back in 2001 when Naperville Mayor A. George Pradel was in his second term, the Rotary Club of Naperville recognized four member Rotarians for their public service at the helm of the Naperville. Former Naperville Mayors Peg Price (1983-1991), Chet Rybicki (1983-1991) and Sam Macrane (1991-1995) joined the man known as “Officer Friendly” who went on to be a 5-term Naperville Mayor (1995-2015).

At the time, all four mayors were members of the Rotary Club of Naperville that then met at Cress Creek Country Club. Mayor Price was credited during her term for starting the State of the City Address, now an annual event for the current mayor to recap the past year’s events with a look toward the future. 

“Jack Romaine (also a member of the Rotary Club of Naperville at the time) was president of the Chamber back then,” Price reminded PN in 2019. “Jack came up with the idea of State of the City to benefit the Chamber.”

Mayor Peg Price, Mayor Steve Chirico and Mayor Pradel welcomed photographers during the 2016 State of the City Address, a luncheon held in collaboration with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. (PN File Photo)
With Julie Chirico by his side, Councilman Steve Chirico’s run to serve as Naperville Mayor began when he turned in his petition packet in November 2014. (PN File Photo)

For more information about the upcoming State of the City Address, visit www.naperville.net.

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