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Notes on ‘Chippy’ from the archives at North Central College


Above / More than a few times, Chippy has demonstrated that he loves a Naperville parade.

North Central College athletic teams made the change from using “Cardinal and White” (the school colors) to “The Cardinals” around 1923-1925. References in the student newspaper and the yearbook use these two interchangeably through these years and ultimately use “The Cardinals.”

The Cardinal mascot made his first appearance in 1971.

The Cardinal logo and colors were standardized, and the new mascot suit was purchased in 1992.

The name “Chippy” became attached to the mascot sometime during Ted Laszuk’s portrayal of him from 2002 to 2004. The name was retained after a college-wide election in 2006.

Now you know. Cardinals rule!

Notes on Chippy are thanks to North Central College Librarian.

PN Ombudsman
PN Ombudsman
An ombudsman is Scandinavian in origin dating back to Viking times; and refers to a community representative; usually acting independently on behalf of an organization, body of elected officials, or civic group. Thanks Scandinavia for inventing ombudsman.