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‘Energy to Give’ helps make the season bright on campus of Edward Hospital


Above / Nicor Gas employees write 100 holiday messages and pack care kits for residents, staff of The Pearl of Naperville.

Just in time for the holiday season, Nicor Gas employees recently came together to make this time of year a bit brighter for the residents and staff of The Pearl of Naperville, a short-term post-hospital rehabilitation and long-term care facility on the campus of Edward Hospital.

Photo courtesy Nicor

Employees wrote a total of 100 holiday cards and put together 100 care packages for the facility. Sixty of those cards and care packages will be delivered to residents of The Pearl of Naperville with the remaining 40 being distributed to their staff.

Photo courtesy Nicor

Nicor Gas is committed to showing its “Energy to Give” all year long, but especially during the holiday season.

Nicor Gas is an energy company with corporate offices based in Naperville, serving Illinois customers with clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas. 

For more information about Nicor Gas, visit nicorgas.com. 

For more information about the Pearl of Naperville and the healthcare provided at its facility, visit pearlnaperville.com.

Report and photos submitted by Allison Erdman Gregoire for Nicor Gas.

In other news received… Winter weather tips from Nicor Gas

During periods of arctic cold fronts and polar vortexes, Nicor Gas employees work around-the-clock to monitor pipelines and ensure the safe performance and reliability of the natural gas infrastructure.  

Heavy snow and ice may weigh down power lines and tree limbs, causing them to fall. If a natural gas meter is damaged or underground gas line is exposed, immediately leave the area and call 911 or Nicor Gas’ 24-hour emergency response line 888.Nicor4U (642.6748) from a safe location.  

To ensure the safe, proper operation of natural gas appliances, such as a furnace or water heater, and to prevent the potentially hazardous buildup of carbon monoxide within your home or business, ensure that outdoor vent openings and air intakes are not obstructed by snow or ice. Never use natural gas appliances, such as ovens or the burners on a stove, to heat your homes or businesses.  

Exercise caution when removing snow or ice from a natural gas meter assembly. Use your hands or a broom, not a shovel, to brush away snow or ice from your meter; never kick or hit your gas meter or its piping with a hammer or any hard object to break away built-up snow or ice. For more information and safety tips, visit nicorgas.com/safety.  

Energy efficiency tools and resources provide customers more control over their energy use and bill. Some of those efficiencies can start in the home – little changes can add up to big savings with these weatherization tips: 

  • Regularly replace air and furnace filters; most filters should be cleaned or replaced every 60-90 days. A clean filter will allow the system to run more efficiently. 
  • Open window coverings during the day to allow sunlight to heat your home naturally, and close curtains at night to reduce the chill from cold windows. 
  • Keep furniture, drapes, stuffed animals and other objects away from heating sources. 
  • Adjust timer controls and programmable thermostats. Some older thermostats may not have an internal clock and need to be adjusted manually.  

Bill payment assistance programs available

Every family deserves reliable energy at a price they can afford. But for many, wages have stayed the same while the cost of living continues to rise. Nicor Gas offers a variety of programs to help customers pay their natural gas utility bills. If eligible, households can take advantage of more than one bill payment assistance program offered. To learn more about how customers can benefit from available bill payment assistance programs, visit nicorgas.com/energyassistanceinfo. 

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