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Find ice skating and sledding locations throughout Naperville Park District


Above / Ice skating areas and sled hills await cold temperatures and snow. And when snow is more than two inches deep, Rotary Hill, located at 443 Aurora Avenue near Moser Tower along the Riverwalk, remains open until 10PM. Be safe. Know the rules of winter weather and enjoy the great outdoors. (PN File Photo)

Naperville Park District offers outdoor winter sports locations throughout the community. These facilities are free and open to the public, however, they are weather dependent.

Naperville Park District’s outdoor skating areas can open only after a period of extreme cold. The District posts red flags or green flags at ice skating rinks to indicate whether they are closed or open, providing a user-friendly and visible signal to people at park locations.  The District also updates the status of ice rinks at www.napervilleparks.org/cancellations, allowing residents the ability to check on the status of rinks prior to leaving their home  Skaters should not use ice rinks when they are posted as closed on the website or when a red flag is flying at the rink. 

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Skating areas maintained by Naperville Park District

Centennial Park (PN File Photo)

The District maintains three skating areas which are lighted and open until 10PM. They are:

  • Centennial Park, 500 W. Jackson Ave.
  • Nike Sports Complex, 288 W. Diehl Rd.
  • Wolf’s Crossing Community Park, 3252 Wolf’s Crossing Rd.

Additionally, the following ice rinks are not lighted and close one hour past sunset:

  • Meadow Glens Park, 1303 Muirhead Ave.
  • Gartner Park, 524 W. Gartner Rd.

Sled Hills maintained by Naperville Park District

Rotary Hill aka Sled Hill along the Riverwalk (PN File Photo)

Naperville Park District also maintains sled hills which are open if the ground is frozen with two or more inches of snow and no visible grass.

Sled Hill aka Rotary Hill along the Riverwalk (PN File Photo)

When covered with snow, Rotary Hill aka Sled Hill (located at 443 Aurora Avenue near Moser Tower along the Riverwalk), remains open until 10PM.

The following hills are not lighted and close at dusk:

  • Arrowhead Park, 711 Iroquois Avenue
  • Brook Crossings, 1015 95th Street
  • Country Lakes Park, 1835 North Aurora Road
  • Gartner Park, 524 W Gartner Road
  • May Watts Park, 804 S. Whispering Hills Drive
  • Weigand Riverfront Park, 2436 S. Washington Street
  • Wolf’s Crossing Community Park, 3252 Wolf’s Crossing Road

Both sledding and snowboarding are permitted at all of the sled hills.

Stay off ice on retention ponds / Talk to youngsters about dangers

The Park District reminds everyone to stay off the ice on retention ponds in parks and neighborhoods. It is never safe to go out on the ice, even when it appears to be solid. There may be thin, weak spots that are dangerous and unpredictable.

May Watts Park (PN File Photo)

Parents are asked to talk with their children about the dangers of ponds in winter and teach them how to stay safe.

Help pets stay safe, too, by keeping them leashed around ponds.

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