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Movies with Tarek: ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’


Thirteen years in the making. Many rewrites and considerations. A budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars. And most importantly, a film directed James Cameron. And it is finally here, Avatar: The Way of Water.

Cameron has absolutely maxed out Avatar: The Way of Water out, bringing cinema to new heights. A truly breathtaking experience, it tops the brilliance of the first Avatar film. The technology behind the film is absolutely beautiful with many amazing concepts. Cameron makes each fragment of Avatar: The Way of Water have meaning.

In Avatar: The Way of Water, Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington) has a family now with Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana). Jake has lived the Na’vi lifestyle after the events of Avatar, and he has adapted to the Pandora rituals. Their children are Neteyan (played by Jamie Flatters), Loak, (played by Britain Dolton), Tuk (played by Trinity Jo-Li Bliss), and Kiri (played by Sigourney Weaver). The enemy Quaritch (played by Stephen Lang) makes his way back into the realm and has returned for payback, putting Jake and his family at risk. They must find a place to keep safe. Jake and Neytiri meet other creatures like them and their habitat is the new home for Jake and Neytiri and their children. Their new friends are Tonowari (played by Cliff Curtis) and Ronal (played by Kate Winslet). But to survive Jake and Neytiri and their family must learn to live in this new environment—the sea. Hence the title Avatar: The Way of Water. Their new underwater life is exhilarating, but can Quaritch reach them in their new home?

Avatar: The Way of Water is a continuation film that is done faithfully and correctly. Cameron’s use of technology and his writing prove that he is a master filmmaker. His directing takes his audience to a vibrant world underwater, the most immersive experience yet: one with sea creatures, new worlds, new possibilities, and new connections.

The visuals with the character relationships are where Avatar: The Way of Water is the most magnificent. Jake has been with the Na’vi for a while, and he has grown to be true to the world he accepted in the first Avatar film. Also, with being married to Neytiri he has raised his family to be warriors like her. Avatar: The Way of Water makes its audience feel the vibe of protecting the ones we love in Cameron’s imaginative world.

The action sequences in Avatar: The Way of Water feel very real, thanks to the technologies surrounding the film. Cameron uses high frame rates in many moments that are above the standard limits for films, and it’s done perfectly. Cameron puts his directing to the test, and he passes with flying colors. Avatar: The Way of Water is pure adrenaline.

So the time that fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Avatar: The Way of Water is here in all its 3D grandeur. The film can be seen in either real D 3D, Dolby Digital 3D, or IMAX 3D, and 3D is definitely the only way to go to get the full feel of Avatar: The Way of Water. I saw the film in Dolby Digital 3D, and I felt like I was scuba diving for hours. All these years I’ve waited I knew that Avatar: The Way of Water was going to be one amazing adventure, and it was well worth the wait. It was the most spellbinding and amazing experience I have had in ages.  

Four stars for Avatar: The Way of Water.  

Tarek Fayoumi
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