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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Consider two sides to Santa


It seems that every Christmas, there is always one toy or gift that is in short supply. This situation was especially true in the days before internet shopping.

One Christmas, my neighbor and I went on a search for the Micro Machine City Center. We were not successful in our hunt, but the search confirmed in my heart that Santa was still alive. What mother would spend so much time and energy trying to fulfill a Christmas wish?

Then one time my oldest son asked if Santa Claus were real. He was hearing rumors at school, and he wanted to know the truth. I asked if he were sure he wanted to know.
At first he said, “Yes.” And then he said, “No.”

I asked if he believed all those Valentine hearts were really love or just a sign of love that was shared. Then I told him that Santa Claus doesn’t always wear a red suit.

I went on to explain that there are two sides to Santa. There’s the receiving side that most young children know and then there’s the giving side of Santa that adults know. I added that the giving side can be just as much fun as the receiving side, and I asked him again if he were really ready to know both sides of Santa. He said he was, and my answer seemed to satisfy his curiosity.

Neither of his two younger brothers ever asked me that question. I assume that they went to their older brother with questions about Santa (and probably other topics as well.) But as for me and my family, we believe in Santa.

Merry Christmas to all the people who encounter a giving or receiving Santa this year and to all a good night.

Sue Jelinek
Sue Jelinek
Sue Jelinek welcomes story ideas from ship to shore. Contact her at jelinst@sbcglobal.net.