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Movies with Tarek: ‘The Fabelmans’


I love movies. I’ve had a fascination with cinema since a young age, and I love writing reviews about the movies I watch. Steven Spielberg also started loving movies when he was young, and he has made many masterpiece films. The Fabelmans is another one of his masterpieces. It’s a film that inspires everyone to follow their heart, to persevere, and to always remain committed to a craft that you love.

The Fablemans takes place in the 1950s and 1960s. The film is based Spielberg’s life, and his passion to make films. Sammy Fabelman (played by Gabriel LaBelle) is an enthusiastic boy who becomes inspired to make art through a video camera. His parents are Mitzi and Burt Fabelman (played by Michelle Williams and Paul Dano). Mitzi wants the best for her son and she supports his desire to create movies. Burt has mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Sammy’s motivation to make films comes from experiencing a train suspense sequence in a movie. He grows up being fascinated with various filming techniques. Over time, he learns more and more about filmmaking. It becomes clear that he has a talent for the craft, and he is fully committed to it. He begins to realize that filmmaking can change his life.

The performances of LaBelle, Williams, and Dano are superb. The Fabelmans has its audience feeling Sammy’s emotion as he strives through the changes of his life while being passionate about film. Its vivid, realistic, and powerful.

I love The Fablemans and I was very touched by it. I am a fanatic for cinema nostalgia and this film has plenty of that. Sammy faces problems within his own life that are unavoidable. He is concerned with whether his father supports him and his craft. But through his directing Spielberg shows that Sammy can turn despair into hope. Sammy’s life reminds us what it means for people to follow their dreams. The film tugged at my emotions as Sammy has his moments of being unsure if he can continue his love for film.

While watching The Fablemans I found myself having many questions. Does Sammy really want to do movies for the rest of his life? Will his craft get better over the years? Will his father support how much Sammy truly loves movies? The Fabelmans is a journey showing the complexity and sometimes the harshness of Sammy’s world, mostly with his mom and dad.

As I said, I love movies and wanted to do something with my life relating to movies. I started doing film reviews when I was very young. Just as Sammy finds love in filmmaking, I found love in writing film reviews. The Fabelmans shows Sammy learning his craft, through editing, learning to direct, etc. I always like to try to think how I can improve my craft as a film reviewer. The truth is that everyone can keep gradually growing to develop their talents, as they remain committed to what they love.

In The Fabelmans Sammy’s mother tells him, “Movies are dreams that you never forget.” This saying was probably the most emotionally moving part of the film for me, because it’s something I believe. This line really connected me to The Fabelmans. I will never forget this film. Experiencing a movie about one loving film as much as I do was very special. The Fabelmans made me feel upbeat and appreciative of my film review craft, and will make others feel upbeat in many areas of their life as well. Four stars for The Fabelmans.

Tarek Fayoumi
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