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Update / Cheer on the # 1 Cardinals in the NCAA Division III Football Playoffs on Dec. 3


Above / With cheers and player-signed footballs, Navy Veteran Pablo Araya and Marine Veteran Nadia Baran joined freshman football player Jake Figurksi and SVA leader Julie Carballo to celebrate a perfect season of victories for North Central College on Nov. 12. Next week, the Cardinals compete with the Ithaca College Bombers in the third game of the Division III playoffs.

Update, Nov. 26, 2022 / After its 28-7 victory in Game 2 of 2022 NCAA Division III Playoffs, North Central College Cardinals advance to Game 3 on Dec. 3. Stay tuned for details of time and place when the undefeated Cardinals match up in Game 3 against the Ithaca College Bombers. 

Update, Nov. 19, 2022 / After its 50-0 victory in Game 1, North Central College Cardinals advance to Game 2 of the 2022 NCAA Division III Playoffs. Stay tuned beginning at 12PM Sat., Nov. 26, when the undefeated Cardinals again play at Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium, matching up in Game 2 against Carnegie Mellon University. 

Originally Posted, Nov. 17, 2022 / Last Saturday, North Central College’s football team completed an undefeated regular season, the 16th College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin championship in program history, and received an automatic bid to the 2022 NCAA tournament.

The North Central Cardinals beat the Augustana Vikings 63-6. Way to go, Big Red!

The Cardinals are ranked #1 in the nation and will host a first-round playoff game at 12PM on Sat., Nov. 19, against the Lake Forest College Foresters.

Also last week, since the game fell one day after Veterans Day, North Central College took time out during half time to honor all servicemen and women during the school’s annual Veteran & Military Appreciation Day.

North Central College alum tells how Veterans connect

A few years ago when Pablo Araya was Commander at the Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873, he started a relationship with Julie Carballo who heads up the North Central College Student Veterans Association (SVA).
In the past, pizza events held at the VFW Post provided opportunities for the Student Veterans to come and meet local Veteran members. As a result, several of the young students have joined the Post or Legion or both organizations, Araya explained.
“I’ve been invited, as an alum of North Central College, to speak at the SVA Graduation Commencement ceremonies and a few other Veteran-centric events.” Araya said. “This year the SVA donated funds for our Judd-A-Thon. It’s been a good relationship.”
Recently, Carballo provided free tickets for last week’s North Central Cardinals vs Augustana Football Game where the Cardinals were victorious, 63-3, finishing their season ranked Number One and undefeated.
At half time, North Central recognized all Veterans, with the playing of the Service Medley and some announcements.
“Unfortunately, the weather was miserable and the turnout was smaller than hoped. However, the Legion Commander, Nadia Baran, and her Jr. Vice were there, as well as myself and a few other Vets scattered in the crowd,” noted Araya.
Araya continued, “At halftime, Julie and freshman football player Jake Figurksi presented Nadia and me, representing the Judd Kendall VFW, with signed footballs from this year’s winning Cardinals.”
Go, Cardinals!

Watch from Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium or Livestream

Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium is located at 455 S. Brainard on the campus of North Central College.

This Saturday, the North Central College Cardinals take on the Carnegie Mellon Tartans. Want to watch? Stream the game here.

Or put on some red and head to Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium to cheer on the Cardinals from the stands!


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