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WDSRA: Gratitude at this time of thanks and giving


Are you feeling it? As November rolls in, I can’t help but feel the abundance of gratitude being projected all around us. Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is approaching. That is certainly a time to reflect on all the goodness in life and community. It could also be the start of the holiday season… a season that exudes joy.

I feel it. I am thankful for the community of people in my life. Family and friends who nurture and support me as well as the colleagues who challenge and guide me. Beyond that, I am grateful for so many people who I don’t actually don’t know personally but who make my community a place in which I am proud to live.

As a member of the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) community, I am grateful for the support of everyone who has touched the lives of our participants and families.

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By choosing to share your time and talents volunteering with WDSRA, you choose to make a positive impact on someone’s life… we so appreciate YOU!

Perhaps you joined our team of program staff and have worked in one of our many programs, you created one-on-one connections that are so very important to every individual’s wellbeing… we are grateful for YOU!

You possibly made a donation, attended an event or connected us to others. Thank you for making us a part of your life!

If you would like to see the impact that your involvement with WDSRA has had over the past year, I urge you to take a look at our FY21-22 Gratitude report. There you can see how every interaction has made a difference in the lives of both participants and families.

If you would like to continue supporting WDSRA participants and families, consider making a donation to our annual appeal going on now through 12/31/2022. And thanks to the Coleman Foundation, your donation may qualify to be matched. Simply make your donation 11/15 thru 12/15/22. For every donation of $225 or more made online at www.wdsra.com, the Coleman Foundation will donate $225 to WDSRA (up to $12,500).

Thank you for changing lives!

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Sherry Manschot
Sherry Manschothttp://www.wdsra.com
Sherry Manschot is the Marketing/Public Relations Manager at Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. She can be contacted at sherrym@wdsra.com. Learn about WDSRA at www.wdsra.com.


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