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Sales Focus – It’s Not November; It’s YES-vember


November has once again arrived. Always between October and December. It is a great time to be thankful for more reasons than there are stars in the heavens. Pam Cooper, my wife, and I own Naperville Senior Center Adult Day Services, at the corner of Ogden Avenue and Naper Boulevard. Since 2015, the NSC team has provided dozens of activities and exercises for our Members as well as peace of mind and coaching for caregivers.

Pam, Physical Therapist, and I, Certified Caregiver Educator, along with our specialized staff of Activity Director, Registered Nurses, and Certified Nurse Assistants, plan and lead enjoyable activities for seniors throughout the day designed around Members’ interests, abilities and needs.

Naperville Senior Center Members vocalize, theorize, harmonize, evangelize, and sometimes even close their eyes. Most importantly, they socialize and exercise. Pam and I have worked with over 320 families and look forward to the future. The best is yet to come.

Let’s look at the word “November.” How can anyone start these 30 days with the NO in November. I have been known to mention if you are anything less than positive and enthusiastic when you wake up, go back to bed. I changed the name of this month to YES-vember.

Caregivers: Yes-vember is National Family Caregiver Month and here are six ways to regain control of your life. Family Caregiver…

  • Say no to stress and anxiety. Say YES to peace of mind.
  • Say no to lack of time for self-care. Say YES to spa day.
  • Say no to lousy job productivity. Say YES to the job promotion
  • Say no to not enough family time. Say YES to hanging with the family.
  • Say no to feeling guilty. Say YES to being strong
  • Say no to fatigue. Say YES to increased energy.

Future Members enjoy all the benefits of membership including:

  • Say no to being lonely and loneliness. Say YES to friendships.
  • Say no to empty house. Say YES to community of friends and family.
  • Say no to isolation. Say YES to inclusion and being with friends
  • Say no to depression. Say YES to happiness and cheerfulness
  • Say no to nobody to speak to. Say YES to a room full of people
  • Say no to boredom. Say YES to exciting activities and shenanigans
  • Say no to waiting for someone to call. Say YES to looking forward to another great day tomorrow!!

I have used all the skills I learned, practiced, and share with you to ensure Naperville Senior Center is successful. Pam and I conceived this business idea in the early ‘80s as college sweethearts. We are lucky. We get to share our lives together and as business partners have fun at work.

If you and your partner have a dream, don’t wait any longer. This YES-vember, set your objectives, hustle, give your professional best, and Heat Up Your Sales.

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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.


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