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Lizzy’s Fund celebrates ten years by honoring ‘That Last One’


Above / Folks at Lizzy’s Fund remember Pixie at age 14.

At Lizzy’s Fund, people often ask us why we do what we do. 

Why do we find these old souls, some with sad stories and want to work with them? 

Lizzy, age 15

To answer that question, you need to know that we primarily work with shelters and rescue groups; financially helping these nonprofit agencies with senior dogs’ care so that they get healthy and become whole again.  Our goal is to bring these dogs back to health so they can be adopted into a forever home by loving people who are willing to care for them in their remaining years by providing comfort, kindness and love. 

Sometimes when adoption is not an answer Lizzy Care instead steps in and places the seniors with loving, permanent foster families who care for these hospice dogs with the utmost care and kindness for their remaining time.    

So, when people ask us why we do what we do, even though it is sometimes sad or difficult, we usually say, “Ah, I remember that ‘last one.’” 

Baby, a Lizzy Care

Every single “last one” remains as a sweet memory for us; whether because of its sweet and soulful eyes, gentle nature, or special demeanor. Each “last one” is hard to forget, even when there are more waiting for special care. 

Sometimes, that “last one” was a pet that a family tearfully gave up at a shelter because they could no longer take care of this ailing dog and needed someone else take care of them that could afford their care. 

Sometimes, the story of the “last one” had an owner that adored them and doted on them every day, but was elderly and passed away before their beloved pet did. In these cases, usually the owner’s family does not want to care for an elderly or sick dog or cannot afford their care. These “last ones” end up being surrendered as well. Having lived usually all of their lives with their caring owner, these “last ones”’ eyes upon their surrender are etched in our minds as they don’t understand why they are being taken away from their familiar surroundings. 

They all stick in your mind. It also could be that the “last one” is one abandoned or abused by their former family and the image of their condition upon intake is hard to forget. 

At Lizzy’s Fund, we’re able to care for all the senior dogs because of the generous support of our contributors who donate to our cause and support our mission. 

During the month of November, which is Senior Pet Month, Lizzy’s Fund is celebrating by paying for the adoption fees for all senior dogs that are adopted at approved shelters and rescues. 

Additionally, we are honored to be the beneficiary of generous benefactors who are 100% matching all donations received during the month of November which result in contributions going doubly far to continue our work. 

Over the past decade and as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary at Lizzy’s Fund, we’ve been honored to have helped more than 400 senior dogs either to find their forever homes with wonderful, kind and generous adopters; or to live out their remaining lives in wonderful, compassionate and caring foster homes. 

We are committed to remembering more and more of the “last ones” that remain in our memories and hearts. 

For more information, visit www.lizzysfund.org.

—Special Report for Lizzy’s Fund by co-founder Bernie Slupik

Save the date! Pet photos with Santa 11AM to 2PM Sat., Dec. 3

Visit Lizzy’s Fund from 11AM to 2PM on Sat., Dec. 3, 2022, for a picture of your pet with Santa at Kriser’s Natural Pet Store. Individual pet photos will benefit Lizzy’s Fund with a $10 donation. Kriser’s Natural Pet Store is located in Naperville Plaza at Gartner Road and Washington Street.

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