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2022 General Election Day results in long list of victors eager to serve Naperville


Above / General Election Day is now a thing of the past. Polls were open from 6AM to 7PM, Tues., Nov. 8. Congratulations to all victors who ran honest and fair races. We appreciate the commitment of all candidates, voters, volunteers and poll workers who participated respectfully in the General Election. Local matters most. —PN

The General Election 2022 was held on Tues., Nov. 8. Under U.S. law, the General Election in November is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month. 

What follows below is a list of candidates that campaigned to serve Naperville in DuPage County, Will County, Springfield and Washington, D.C. Omissions and/or misspellings are unintended and regretted. Candidates that were victorious are identified with *****.

General Election Day poll hours were 6AM to 7PM Tues., Nov. 8.

Elected offices included here were on the ballot for DuPage County and Will County, Illinois Governor and other Illinois Officers, State Legislature, State Senate, U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress as well as Judicial. Incumbents are not identified as such. Kindly become familiar with all candidates who currently serve as elected officials and check their voting records.

Note that all voters must identify districts and townships in order to compare and contrast all candidates who welcomed your vote. Thank you.

2022 General Election Candidates

Democratic (D) Libertarian (L) Republican (R) Victors *****

Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senate
Tammy Duckworth (D) *****
Bill Redpath (L)
Kathy Salvi (R)

U.S. House of Representatives

14th District
Lauren Underwood (D) *****
Scott Gryder (R) 

11th District
Bill Foster (D) *****
Catalina Lauf (R)

6th District
Sean Casten (D) *****
Keith Pekau (R) 


Illinois Governor & Lieutenant
J.B. Pritzker (D) & Juliana Stratton (D) *****
Scott Schuter & John Phillips (L)
Darren Bailey (R) & Stephanie Trussell (R)

Illinois Secretary of State
Alexi Giannoulias (D) *****
Jon Stewart (L)
Dan Brady (R) 

Illinois Attorney General 
Kwame Raoul (D) *****
Daniel K. Robin (L)
Thomas G. DeVore (R)

Illinois Comptroller 
Susana Mendoza (D) *****
Deirdre McCloskey (L)
Shannon Teresi (R)

Illinois Treasurer
Michael W. Frerichs (D) *****
Preston Nelson (L)
Tom Demmer (R) 

Illinois Senate District 21
Laura Ellman (D) *****
Kathleen Murray (R)

Illinois Senate District 41
No Candidate (D)
John Curran (R) *****

Illinois Senate District 42
Linda Holmes (D) *****
Doug Santucci (R)

Illinois State Rep. District 41
Janet Yang Rohr (D) *****
Richard Janor (R)

Illinois State Rep. District 84
Stephanie Kifowit (D) *****
Joe West (R)

Illinois State Rep. District 81
Anne Stave-Murray (D) *****
Paul Leong (R)

DuPage County (615,626 Registered Voters in 2022)

DuPage County Board Chairman
Deb Conroy (D) *****
Greg Hart (R) 

DuPage County Sheriff
(D) No Candidate
James Mendrick (R)*****

DuPage County Clerk
Jean Kaczmarek (D) *****
Evelyn Sanguinetti (R)

DuPage County Treasurer
Don Potoczny (D)
Gwen Henry (R) *****

DuPage County Board District 5 (Vote for not more than 3)
Dawn DeSart (D) ***** Sadia Covert (D) ***** Saba Haider (D)
Patricia “Patty” Gustin (R) *****

DuPage Forest Preserve President
Daniel Hebreard (D) *****
Robert J. Schillerstrom (R)

Forest Preserve District 5
Barbara A. O’Meara (D) *****
Elizabeth J. Folk Van Arsdell (R)

Regional Superintendent of Schools
No Candidate (D)
Amber M. Quirk (R) *****

18th Judicial Court DuPage (Kleeman)
Mia McPherson (D) *****
No Candidate  (R)

18th Judicial Court DuPage (Mallen)
Jill Otte (D) *****
Michael “Mike” W. Reidy (R) 

3rd Supreme Court DuPage (Kilbride)
Mary K. O’Brien (D) *****
Michael J. Burke (R)

3rd Appellate Court DuPage (Wright)
Sonni Choi Williams (D) *****
Liam Christopher Brennan (R)

Find Voter Information for DuPage County with a CLICK HERE.

Will County (464,661 Registered Voters in 2021)

Will County Board District 10 (Vote no more than 2)

Meta Mueller (D) *****, Khadija “D.J.” Sufi (D)
Julie Berkowicz (R) *****, Vasavi Chakka (R)

Will County Clerk
Lauren Staley Ferry (D) *****
Gretchen Fritz (R)

Will County Sheriff
Mike Kelley (D)
Jim Reilly (R) *****

Will County Treasurer
Tim Brophy (D)
Raj “PI” Pillai (R) *****

Regional Superintendent of Schools
Shawn Walsh (D)
Elizabeth Caparelli (R) *****

Find Voter Information for Will County with a CLICK HERE.

Look for the Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution as the first vote on the ballot.

(Click here to Pros & Cons of Amendment 1 on Ballot in Illinois 2022.)

The proposed amendment would add a new section to the Bill of Rights Article of the Illinois Constitution that would guarantee workers the fundamental right to organize and to bargain collectively and to negotiate wages, hours, and working conditions, and to promote their economic welfare and safety at work. The new amendment would also prohibit from being passed any new law that interferes with, negates, or diminishes that right of employees to organize and bargain collectively over their ages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment and workplace safety. At the general election to be held on November 8, 2022, you will be called upon to decide whether the proposed amendment should become part of the Illinois Constitution.

For the proposed addition of Section 25 to Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution.

YES *****

Three County of DuPage Propositions / Answer YES *****

Should the County of DuPage research and invest in public electric vehicle fast charging stations to provide a revenue stream, promote a healthy environment, and drive local economic development? YES / NO

Should the County of DuPage continue to assist qualifying small businesses by providing grants to support local economic development and job growth? YES / NO

Should the County of DuPage continue its support of mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention through the funding of local non-profits? YES / NO

Naperville Township Proposition / Answer YES *****

Shall Naperville Township levy an annual tax not to exceed 0.15% for the purpose of providing community mental health facilities and service including facilities and services for the person with a developmental disability or a substance abuse disorder, which levy will have a single additional tax of maximum of .15% of the equalized assessed value of the taxable property therein extended for such purposes? YES / NO

Note also that voters in four DuPage County townships as well as Will County will be asked if they want to fund a measure to ensure residents have access to mental health facilities and services.

Will County Proposition / Answer YES 


Thanks for being an informed voter in the General Election

Thank you for reporting any errors or omissions in this post to ideas@positivelynaperville.com.

Thanks to everyone who participates in the election process. Thanks also to hopefuls who are qualified and informed candidates. And thanks for taking time to be an educated voter.

Here’s to many happy returns.

Find Naperville Government Guide / Elected Officials with a click here.

Want to see your sample ballot?  For DuPage County, click here. For Will County, click here.

Last Updated, Nov. 8, 2022

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