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November Editor’s Notes


This issue of PN celebrates November, our beautiful local landscape with all its parks and outdoor attractions, as well as our appreciation of nature and the great outdoors every changing season in the Midwest.

Jim and Dad both served in the Navy. When Dad was 93, Jim served as his guardian on the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C., where the World War II Memorial was among the all the memorable sites they visited on the day trip.

November also is my favorite month for family memories that began with Mitchell Thanksgiving reunions on my grandparents’ farm in Battle Ground, Ind. Most notably, my fondest recollections began when I’d just turned three years old and my brother, Jim, was born on Nov. 30.

With rambling thoughts early Monday morning as I began thinking about this commentary, it was sprinkling when I picked up our newspapers on the driveway. Still, I prepared to head outside for my daily walk to clear my head. When I donned my rain jacket, I was thankful to find $15 in the pocket.

On my way, I was thankful to see folks had raked their autumn leaves as the City had suggested for curbside pickup. And even more thankful when I observed storm drains had been cleared.

Especially grateful to PN supporters

Mike Cooper’s efforts to offer witty sales tips as presented in his monthly column are among many reasons we’re thankful for our dedicated columnists and advertisers that provide their perspectives for this publication. Mike’s thoughtful view of November on page 10 (in the publication) is another reminder to stay positive with an attitude of gratitude.

Your PN publisher and fellow editor are thankful when folks contact us about franchising our “positively” model of communication in print and online. In the spirit of Ben Franklin, we inform folks we’re open source. We always encourage other folks that want to promote the bright side of life to have at it. They have our blessings to copy what we do.

Though we’re grateful when PR folks contact us with press releases, many tell us they have a story “sure to interest our readers.” And we forever wonder why they made that assumption, especially when we discover they’ve never read Positively Naperville. After we express our gratitude for their interest in PN, our independent, family-owned hyperlocal publication, we say we welcome their advertising. Yet, we rarely hear from them again. (We know. October was National Sarcasm Month. Still, moving right along we enjoy trying to find humor on the bright side every month.)

We’re grateful when folks remember important November dates that recognize Veterans who served honorably to protect our nation’s freedom, our flag and the Constitution of the U.S.

November 2022 begins with Cheers! To our Veterans on Nov. 3, followed by the Marines birthday on Nov. 10 and Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

We’re also thankful when more and more friends and neighbors recognize that too many elected officials and bureaucrats waste valuable time by proposing solutions in search of a problem.

We’re thankful when folks recognize our nation is a republic.

We’re thankful during election season when voters take time to consider candidates based on their personal qualifications and core values instead of how much money they spend on advertising.

We’d be more thankful if we were voting for term limits, a state issue that never seems to gain traction.

We’ll also be thankful if our state and the nation finally take the time to end clock switching by sticking to the same time throughout the year, amending the need to spring forward and fall back with time changes. We understand the U.S. Senate passed legislation In March 2022 that would make daylight saving time permanent starting in 2023. Stay tuned.

Remember, set your clocks back on Nov. 6. Cast educated votes in the General Election between 6AM and 7PM on Nov. 8.

And count your blessings on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, mindful that the Noon Lions Club volunteers will host their annual Turkey Trot for runners and walkers early that morning, a wonderful event to benefit local charities. Also be grateful for all police, fire and healthcare first responders as well as convenience store workers who will be on the job Thanksgiving Day to assist you, if needed.

Celebrate safely. Thanks for reading.

Stephanie Penick,
PN Publisher

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PN Editor
PN Editor
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