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May Watts Fun Run returns at 4PM Sat., Oct. 22 / Sign says so / Principal slimed at 5PM


Above / The banner in front of May Watts Elementary School marks the location of the Fun Run that begins in the back of the school for a trek around May Watts Pond. 

Update, 5:10PM Oct. 22 / Principal Brian LeCrone is slimed with a bucket of gooey green stuff, demonstrates good sportsmanship! Students love it!

When fundraising surpassed $10,000 from the Fun Run, students had the opportunity to see their principal get slimed! Gooey green slime begins to flow.
Hundreds of friends of May Watts Elementary School surrounded Principal LeCrone as he kept his promise down to the last stream of slime. Cheers!
Many of the kids wanted to give their principal a hand for being such a good sport. Ooey. Gooey.

Original Post, Mid-Afternoon / A beautiful afternoon for a Fun Run hosted by the May Watts PTA is taking shape in time for participants to arrive for festivities beginning at 4PM today, Sat., Oct. 22. 

Colorful signs created by students are being set up to inspire participants.

Inspirational yard signs are set in the lawn to motivate runners of all ages.

Approximately 600 runners are expected. All ages are welcome. The cost is $25 per person. All proceeds will benefit programs provided by the May Watts PTA.

This event is open to May Watts students, families and friends as well as community members. The easy one-mile course around May Watts Pond will welcome runners and walkers.  

The trail around May Watts Pond and over the footbridge provides a beautiful natural setting for a Fun Run on Sat., Oct. 22.

As participants move through “color stations,” volunteers will dust participants with bright colors. At the end of the course, expect to be coated in safe food-grade color powder, all while raising funds for the PTA.

According to Fun Run organizers, participants who purchased tickets in advance will have a chance to win some “cool stuff like a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, an autographed White Sox baseball, sports tickets, Kendra Scott earrings” and more. Winners will be chosen at random during the Fun Run and ticket holders need not be present to win.

For more information and to see what it says about successful fundraising that gives kids a chance to slime Mr. LeCrone, principal of the District 204 school located at 800 S. Whispering Hills, visit www.maywattsfunrun.com.

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