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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Loaves & Fishes: Think big, work together


Loaves & Fishes is currently in the process of developing our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan. Regarding our prior Strategic Plan, with great support in many ways from the community, we are very fortunate to be able to provide many more people with healthy food and services. And importantly, they now have multiple ways that they can access the help they need.

In addition to executing the key elements of our Strategic Plan, we also focus on the lessons we learn along the way. In our last Strategic Plan, in order to serve the growing need in the community, we had to rethink our model of how we provide food and services. Our new model needed to be more scalable, expansive, efficient, flexible, and adaptable. We didn’t know where this would lead us, but we knew we had to think big to accomplish these objectives. Thinking big allowed us to implement a new hub and spoke model that has performed very well despite the headwinds of a pandemic and economic turmoil.

And while thinking big is great, the key ingredient to actually accomplishing something big is working together. We’ve witnessed this hundreds, if not thousands, of times over the years. Our organization exists to serve the community and working with many people and many other organizations is critical. As we look forward, expanding and deepening relationships will be an even greater priority. The not-for-profit world is a fragmented one, and more collaborations and partnerships will serve those in need more effectively and deploy community resources more efficiently.

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We don’t know what new macro challenges will arise in the future. We do know, however, that thinking big and working together will have a bigger impact on addressing the needs of families in our community.

We look forward to developing our new Strategic Plan and welcome the community to help us think big and work together.

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Mike Havala
Mike Havalahttp://www.loaves-fishes.org
Mike Havala is the CEO and President of Loaves & Fishes Community Services. Contact him at mhavala@loaves-fishes.org or visit www.loaves-fishes.org.


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