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Sales Focus – 16 phrases to avoid to heat up your sales


There are dozens of sales articles telling us how to overcome those pesky stalls and objections, which closing technique to use and to always be networking. But these are unprecedented times. We are twice Vaccinated, Boosted, Hangry, Lit, Salty, and Woke. We are tired of Karen and argue with complete strangers on Facebook. I Know, Right!

And heaven forbid we say something which might end the chances of closing this first huge sale since pre-covid. Please avoid these phrases when dealing with customers (or anyone else):

At The End Of The Day … it’s night. Say that again and I revoke your supplier status. People say this so often it comes out like #athendoftheday. Instead, say “Ultimately.” Bonus phrases: When All Is Said And Done, and It Is What It Is.

Hi Mike? How Are You Doing Today? “Not so good, Slick. I tested positive for Covid and our Naperville office burned down this weekend.” Are you ready to answer any response like that? Your only reply to that better be, “Sorry you feel like crap. I’ll call back later.”

Customer Focused. As opposed to what? If you really are customer-focused, then talk about their actual needs, not how you’re so in tune with them.

Exceed Expectations. This sends one of two messages: 1) The customer has low expectations you can surpass every time with little to no extra effort, or 2) exceeded expectations will become the norm, at which point you’ll stop exceeding expectations. Instead, tell her you’ll do your best.

Unique: Listen, you special snowflake, we’re all unique. But to convince your customer of that, you need to tell them why.

Just Checking In. Your customer is neither a Hotel nor an Airport Gate Agent. Please do not check in. Follow up to determine next steps. Bonus phrase: I Was In The Neighborhood.

Low-hanging Fruit. What it translates to in a customer’s head: You were too lazy to grab these on your own.

To Be Honest. Why don’t you just say, “I’ve been lying to you up ‘til now.” Your prospect will wonder what the real truth is; no sale.

I Can’t. Pretty sure your competitor can. Just sayin’.

We Are A Full-Service Organization. Perfect; can you wash the windshield and change the oil? Instead, focus your selling effort on your two most popular products.

Trust Me! Stay away from these phrases and Heat Up Your Sales!

Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.