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Art Talk – October is Arts DuPage Month


Four years ago, Arts DuPage, a DuPage Foundation initiative, launched Arts DuPage Month (ADM), a unified celebration of the arts in DuPage County. Inspired by National Theatre Week, an industry-wide promotion offering discounted tickets and special events, Arts DuPage blended that concept with Americans for the Arts’ National Arts and Humanities Month, a collective recognition of the importance of culture in the country. Thus, ADM was born.

Organizers initially introduced ADM in October to encourage residents to establish, deepen, and expand their relationships with local arts experiences. They noted that regions with a high level of arts engagement profit from many benefits that contribute to the vitality and prosperity of the area.

“Beyond improving the quality of life in our communities, the arts have economic benefits,” said Randy Cohen, vice president of research and information at Americans for the Arts. “Arts create jobs, generate revenue, and are often part of a comprehensive development strategy to turn downtowns around.”

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Soon ADM caught on. Art lovers (both established and potential), eager to enjoy the discounts and other perks afforded by ADM, embraced the vibrant arts and entertainment scene that thrives in the county. ADM 2022 adventures are now listed on artsdupage.org, a comprehensive online guide to the creative happenings in the area. By filtering on Arts DuPage Month, you can locate indoor and outdoor activities close to home.

Naper Settlement and Naperville Park District are all set with seasonal programs, from the scary “Ghost Stories in the Park . . . in the Dark” to the eerie “Howlin’ at the Moon.” BrightSide Theatre, Main&Luxe, and Naperville Art League have also announced enticing plans for ADM.

Expand your travel circle and find events in neighboring towns: museums, galleries, and performing arts venues are joining the festivities. Drury Lane Theatre is generously discounting its tickets for the famous mystery, “Murder on the Orient Express,” and Elmhurst Art Museum is hosting “Sentrock: A Bird’s Eye View,” featuring the work of the exciting eponymous artist.

The arts are bountiful in DuPage County, and Arts DuPage encourages you to go on an ADM expedition. Invite friends or family members to join you as you explore what could be your next new passion. A world of leisure pursuits is only a click away!

About Arts DuPage: Arts DuPage, a DuPage Foundation initiative, supports, promotes, and advocates for the arts in DuPage County.

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Debbie Venezia
Debbie Veneziahttp://www.artsdupage.org
Debbie Venezia is the Director of Arts DuPage, a DuPage Foundation initiative. Contact her at debbie@dupagefoundation.org or visit www.artsdupage.org.


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