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Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day emerges as weeklong holiday


Above / Every Day at Quigley’s, aka EDAQ, is a chance to celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with regulars who enjoy a pint and good conversation, especially in the Cottage Room surrounded by memorabilia. For the fun of it, Sept. 13 kicks off a week of halfway to St. Patrick’s Day with WSI Quiz Night at 7PM. (PN Photo)
By the time you’ve read this post, you’ll know how many beers are available on tap at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (PN Photo, March 2022)
According to worldly lore, Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day finds its roots in “Arthur’s Day,” a tribute to that patron saint of beer, Arthur Guinness. Throughout the world, fun-lovers raise their pints at 5:59PM on Sept. 22 to salute the man, the beer, and the fact that many folks recognize they’re more than halfway to the popular celebration of Irish customs, food and drink on St. Patrick’s Day.
Events take place all over the globe from Sept. 17 through Sept. 22, providing a week for fun and frolic while basking in the green autumn glow of the changing season.
Historically, it was at this half-way point in 1759 that Arthur Guinness reportedly signed a 9,000-year lease to brew his beer at St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin. Guinness’ popular brew has raised spirits at Quigley’s Irish Pub since 1998.
“Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day” likely gained popularity in 2009 when Guinness celebrated its 250th Anniversary,” explained Michele Michael for Quigley’s. “The company sponsored live music and other events throughout the world as part of the festivities, and folks noticed that Sept. 17 was just days before Sept. 22— and celebrations began.”

Halfway through September, Joe Cantafio performs live at 7PM

To get a head start halfway through September, beginning at 7PM Thurs., Sept. 15, patrons at Quigley’s Irish Pub will begin celebrating Half-way to St. Patrick’s Day with live music performed by singer Joe Cantafio.
Pictured here during a USO Show in 2013, singer Joe Cantifio has performed for Naperville Exchange Club meetings, throughout the U.S. and around the world for the troops. On Sept. 15, Cantifio will return to Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Photo courtesy Joe Cantifio)
“We’ve known Joe for more than 15 years and I’ve always been impressed with his tributes to public safety, firefighters and the Irish,” said Nancy Quigley. “We’re happy to welcome him back to the Pub on Sept. 15.”
Cantifio noted his Irish connection. “Every night I sing ‘With Or Without You’ …and always dedicate it to all my Irish friends,” he said. “It’s usually the fourth song.”
Then the following Thurs., Sept. 22, folks will raise a pint in memory of that patron saint of beer, Arthur Guinness.
“Of course, we have Guinness,” said GM Andy Nosek. “In fact, we have 23 beers on tap, including two from Guinness— every day at Quigley’s.”

WSI Quiz Night returns at 7PM Tues., Sept. 13

In addition, almost-monthly Quiz Nights hosted by West Suburban Irish provide time to test knowledge of trivia and other useless info in the old Jefferson Hill Shops. (PN File Photo 2020)
Note also, after a brief respite, West Suburban Irish Quiz Night returns on Tues., Sept. 13. Trivia play begins at 7PM.
For info about WSI Quiz Night, usually on the first Tuesday of the month, visit www.wsirish.org.
Then from 6 to 9PM, Wed., Sept. 14, the West Suburban Irish will host a special musical performance by Suzanne Toomey, her first in the U.S.  All the way from County Wicklow, she’s also played internationally with the Sydney-based Blackwater Irish Band.
Certain Wednesday evening “Sessions” also provide musical entertainment hosted by West Suburban Irish at Quigley’s Irish Pub. Next up is 7:30PM Sept. 21. (PN File Photo)

Enjoy Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day and EDAQ 

Quigley’s Irish Pub is located at 43 E. Jefferson Avenue in downtown Naperville.
For the schedule of events as well as live music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, visit www.quigleysirishpub.com

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