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Century Walk: ‘Growth and Change’


Labor Day and September are now upon us. Summer has passed, and the kids have returned to school.

Although we celebrate Labor Day at the beginning of the month, we do have an opportunity to be reminded of it throughout the year. We here at Century Walk encourage you to view our sculpture titled “Growth and Change” which is adjacent to the Jefferson Hill shops in downtown Naperville.

In this sculpture linking Naperville’s present to its past, the artist’s concept was to create a small museum honoring the strong work ethic that Pioneers laid down in this community starting in 1831. The three rust-colored, gently curved steel sections represent residents, farm families, and business people, welded together working in harmony to create a strong and independent Naperville.

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Find “Growth and Change” located in front of the Jefferson Hill Shops at 43 E. Jefferson Avenue.

Take a look inside and see if you can find the antique kitchen utensils, woodworking tools, drills, hammers, saws and farm implements all being used by the laborers of the day. In this way we are reminded of how hard they worked as we pay tribute every day to the fruits of their labor.

About Century Walk

The Century Walk Corporation, founded in 1996, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing public art to Naperville, to add beauty to the town, build community and bridge generations by paying tribute to over 200 years of Naperville history through a diverse collection of murals, mosaics, sculptures and more.

Learn more about 50-plus pieces of Naperville public art at www.centurywalk.org.

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PN Ombudsman
PN Ombudsman
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