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WDSRA: Set your child up for success this fall


A few weeks ago I was at a summer party. It was great to see old friends, enjoy some great food and reconnect. It’s one of my favorite things about summer. We catch up on family, the neighborhood, and everyone’s unique but sometimes quirky hobbies. 

I was introduced to a delightful new couple. Among other things, they talked about their children and their grandson. Like so many grandparents today, they find themselves taking care of their grandson after school and weekends. 

At one point there was a big sigh from both of them. They were worried he wouldn’t be able to participate in future park district programs because he struggled with focus and interacting with peers. From the stories they shared, their grandson was bright and energetic.  

Inquiring about whether or not their grandson had a disability, they shared that they suspected but there was no diagnosis. Our conversation turned to what inclusions services were and how they might benefit their grandson. This time the sigh they let out was one of relief.

Working together, the Naperville Park District (NPD) and the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) provide inclusion services so that every child can have the best experience possible when participating with peers in any NPD program. Inclusion services are designed to meet each child’s specific needs and afford them every opportunity to perform at their highest level of ability.

Simply check off the box requesting special accommodations when you register for a fall NPD program. WDSRA will work with you to identify what specific concerns you have about your child’s ability to participate and your goals for your child. We’ll discuss your child’s strengths and what can be done to build upon those strengths to help him or her be successful. Common goals include developing a new skill, learning appropriate social interactions or trying to elevate a level of independence.

Specific support may come in the form of training park district staff or coaches, providing adaptive materials, providing a one-on-one support staff, or anywhere in between.  Once the necessary accommodations are determined, WDSRA works closely with the NPD to facilitate the process. 

Additionally, inclusion services are far from static. As your child grows and develops, his or her needs change. So too do the type of services used. A child who required a one-on-one support staff early on may find that only slight material modifications are needed years later. 

This service is provided at no additional cost to your family. You pay only the regular cost of the park district program.

We encourage you to register early. Set your child up for success this fall!

To learn more, visit www.wdsra.com or call 630.681.0962.

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Sherry Manschot
Sherry Manschothttp://www.wdsra.com
Sherry Manschot is the Marketing/Public Relations Manager at Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. She can be contacted at sherrym@wdsra.com. Learn about WDSRA at www.wdsra.com.


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