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Naperville Municipal Band summer concerts take the stage through August 11


Above / Against the backdrop of a large audience, Naperville Municipal Band Conductor Ron Keller leads the City band on stage at the Naperville Community Concert Center in Central Park, 104 E. Benton Avenue. (PN Photo, June 30, 2022)

Update, August 4, 2022 / According to our analytics, this page saved in PN’s archive has been searched often this week, attracting lots of looks. We’ll repost it, mindful that two outdoor concerts remain for this summer’s season.

The Naperville Municipal Band, led by Conductor and Music Director Ron Keller, plays “Sounds from Central Park” at 7:30PM Thurs., Aug. 4, 2022.

Sculpture depicts Meredith Willson in Music Man Square next to the composer’s childhood home in Mason City, Iowa. Did you know? The first Grammy ever awarded was presented to Willson.

As a little note of serendipity, this week’s program includes “May the Good Lord Bless You and Keep You” by composer Meredith Willson. Last week PN’s publisher visited Mason City, Iowa, the childhood home of Meredith Willson, creator of “The Music Man.” “May the Good Lord Bless You and Keep You” is included on a large plaque that helps tell story of Meredith Willson right next to his boyhood home where his life and accomplishments are celebrated for visitors to appreciate.

The NMB BIG Band Joint Big Band Concert, under the leadership of director Tracy Oliver, is set to begin at 7:30PM Thurs., Aug. 11, 2022, wrapping up the band’s summer series.

“Celebration of the Big Band Concert” will feature musicians from the Naperville Municipal Band BIG Band with the Fox Valley Jazz Big Band from Aurora, led by director Jeff Ford.
Plan a picnic with family, friends and neighbors and enjoy the scene in Central Park with upbeat sounds of two big bands! Thanks for supporting the performing arts!

NMB Fall Concert / 3PM Nov. 6

Looking forward, save the date for the indoor Naperville Municipal Band Fall Concert at 3PM Sun., Nov. 6, 2022, on stage at Wentz Concert Hall. The spirited program is the NMB’s annual tribute to all men and women serving the armed services on Veterans Day.

Original Post, July 5, 2022 / Kindly note and help spread the word to friends, family and groups that regularly attend outdoor summer Municipal Band Concerts in Central Park that due to a brief change in schedule, the July 7, 2022, concert has been canceled.

The Naperville Municipal Band will return at 7:30PM Thurs., July 14, 2022. Assistant Conductor René Rosas will lead “Music of the Seventies.”

Band fans again will be welcomed when the big stage door goes up on another opening of another show, followed by the National Anthem. 

The big stage door displays the Century Walk mural titled “The Great Concerto,” a tribute to the history of the band that’s been around since 1859.

Throughout the summer season that now runs from July 14 to Aug. 11, songs are selected and conducted by Ron Keller as well as assistant conductors René Rosas and Emily Binder. Every concert has a theme. Every concert features a bake sale hosted by a different local nonprofit organization.

The audience is welcome to sit on park benches. Many attendees bring their own collapsible chairs. Other families, friends and neighbors spread blankets throughout the park.

And many groups plan picnics, arriving a little early for the up to 90-miinute concerts. Bake Sales hosted by nonprofit groups in the Central Park Gazebo provide home-baked treats and more.

The community also is encouraged to spread the word!

Naperville Municipal Band concerts are free of charge. For more information and updates, visit www.napervilleband.org.

And the band that’s been around since 1859 plays on and on…

Mark calendars for the remaining summer concert series at 7:30PM Thursdays through Aug. 11, in Central Park!

Last Updated and Reposted, August 4, 2022

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