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Update / Accomplished Business Leader is elected Mayor of Naperville, Seeks to Unite Community


Above / Back in late July 2022, Scott Wehrli launched his campaign for Mayor of Naperville and he welcomed input and support. This post was updated as the campaign moved forward, ending on Consolidated Election Day, April 4, 2023. Next up, the Naperville City Council will be sworn in at 1PM on Sun., April 30, 2023. Judge Don Hennessy will officiate the oath of office for Mayor-Elect Wehrli. Stay tuned.
Judge Don Hennessy officiated the oath of office for Mayor Scott Wehrli with Lynda Wehrli was by his side.

Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Scott Wehrli & family!

Naperville Mayor-Elect Scott Wehrli and his family celebrated the results of the April 4, 2023, Nonpartisan Consolidated Election at Empire in downtown Naperville.

Click here to meet Scott Wehrli on his website…

Updated Post, March 20, 2023 / Longtime friend shines some light on Scott Wehrli on first day of spring
I’ve known Scott Wehrli for more than 35 years and truly believe he is the right candidate for Mayor of Naperville!
If you have not met Scott yet or had a chance to hear him speak, I hope you get the chance to do so soon!  He is a lifelong resident, runs a local construction company that employs more than 250 employees, has served 32 years as a part-time police officer with the Park District, has been appointed by three mayors to serve on the Liquor Commission, and helped co-found a community bank (now Busey)  that specialize in making local decisions. He has been a Trustee of North Central College, the Chairman of the Naperville Development Partnership and has also volunteered on other boards and commissions.
Scott’s commitment to serving our community is unwavering.
When Scott talks about his respect for “The People’s Money,” he knows what he’s talking about. He has actually managed a payroll, crafted and implemented budgets that invest in the future, and spent resources wisely. With our City Budget now in excess of $600 million, Scott’s financial acumen is a great asset. He is a “doer” not a politician. You can definitely count on Scott to positively and confidently lead Naperville forward! 
This is truly a critical election. Every vote is needed to elect Scott Wehrli for Mayor!
I hope you’ll consider supporting Scott. Early voting is open from March 20 through April 3 at the Naperville Municipal Center.  Election Day is April 4!  If you are going out of town for Spring Break, please consider voting early. 
—Ray Kinney, 50-plus year resident
Updated Post, March 2, 2023 / Naperville Fraternal Order of Police Endorsed Scott Wehrli for Mayor of Naperville
The Naperville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #42 has endorsed Scott Wehrli for Mayor of Naperville. John Reed, president of the local union that represents the men and women of Naperville’s renowned and internationally accredited law enforcement agency, released the following statement:
“The Naperville Fraternal Order of Police proudly endorses Scott Wehrli for Mayor of the City of Naperville. His more than three decades of service to the city as a Naperville Park District Police Officer and Liquor Commissioner are just part of his track record demonstrating an impressive commitment to public safety and volunteerism, as well as an unwavering resolve to make Naperville the greatest community in the nation. It is clear to our members that Scott will bring positive energy and well-balanced leadership to the city council, benefitting all who live, work, and serve in our fair city.

“Scott has demonstrated he will bring his perspective of law enforcement to the city council, promote the safety of Naperville, and continue to champion our mutual interest of providing great service, in every aspect, all the time.  We therefore strongly urge you to vote for Scott Wehrli, and in turn support his mission of serving and protecting every family, every business, every individual, within our great city.”

Updated Post, Oct. 4, 2022 / Mayoral Candidate Scott Wehrli Announces First Quarter Fundraising Results
Today, Naperville Mayoral Candidate Scott Wehrli filed a quarterly campaign finance disclosure report with the Illinois State Board of Elections. Wehrli reported that more than 125 individual donors financially supported his campaign. The Scott Wehrli for Naperville committee raised $58,114 since its formation on July 27, 2022.
“As a first-time candidate and lifelong resident, it’s humbling that so many neighbors have offered their support and provided me with opportunities to share my vision,” noted Scott Wehrli in a written statement. “Residents want authentic representation and are tired of national party politics influencing our nonpartisan local government.”
Wehrli continued, “As mayor, I’ll use my decades of experience building companies, serving in public safety, and leading non-profit institutions to solve issues, keep our community safe, and avoid political theater.”
Updated Post, Sept. 5, 2022 / “Elect Scott Wehrli for Mayor Naperville” was among the entries in the 2022 Labor Day Parade hosted by the Naperville Jaycees. The Consolidated Municipal Election is April 4, 2023.
Lynda Wehrli led the way for her husband’s entry in the Labor Day Parade! (PN Photo, Sept. 5, 2022)

Supporters of the Scott Wehrli for Naperville Campaign also announced a Kickoff & Petition Drive set to begin at 5:30PM Wed.,  Sept. 7, 2022, at the Naperville VFW Post 3873 Kendall Room, 908 Jackson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540. The community is welcome to bring friends and neighbors to meet Scott Wehrli, then sign up to volunteer.

Original Post, July 29, 2022 / Local business executive, civic leader, and public safety official Scott Wehrli has launched his campaign for Mayor of Naperville. After serving for decades on various boards and commissions, this is his first time seeking elective office.
“Naperville is correctly ranked as one of the best places in the nation to call home, and I’ve been blessed to live here my entire life. By respecting our history, leading with purpose, and responsible planning, we can make sure the community we all love is here for generations to come,” said Wehrli in a news release. “My platform is focused on the building blocks that made our community great: public safety, economic growth, and fiscal responsibility. Naperville must keep adapting and evolving so that more families and individuals can have the opportunity to grow, enjoy life, and retire in a community that is unique to anywhere else in the country.”
Wehrli, a lifelong resident, manages his local, family-owned business in the construction industry, which employs more than 200 people. 
In 2007, Wehrli helped co-found a local community bank that specialized in loans to area residents and businesses. That bank was listed on the NASDAQ exchange in 2015 and merged in 2017 with a larger Illinois bank, and is now ranked among the top 100 in the country. He continues to serve on the bank’s board of directors.
As a young man, Wehrli felt the call to public service and has worked part-time as a sworn police officer with the Naperville Park District for the past 32 years and currently serves as a Lieutenant. Additionally, at the request of the past three mayors, for the past 29 years Wehrli has served on Naperville’s Liquor Commission.
“The mayor’s top responsibilities are to set the tone in our public processes, collaborate with community organizations, and most of all, listen respectfully to the many viewpoints as we make decisions that impact our community’s future,” said Wehrli. “I’ll bring all my experiences as a job creator, construction executive, finance leader, police officer, and trustee of nonprofit organizations to help our city council make policies that strengthen our community.”

Wehrli’s priorities for the community

Public Safety

Ensuring the safety and security of residents is the most solemn duty of local government and Naperville’s public safety departments remain leaders in their fields. As a sworn law enforcement professional, Scott has unique insight and appreciation for the increasing safety threats facing our community and how mental health support and addiction treatment must play a vital role going forward. The safety of residents and families will be his top priority as Mayor.

Economic Development & Growth

A growing economy provides the resources needed for local government to invest in infrastructure, public safety, amenities, and our schools. Scott is committed to a principled economic development strategy that calls for top-notch development and revitalizing idle or underutilized properties to provide jobs and economic advancement for citizens. The City can reduce the burden of residential property taxes by continually attracting new investment in the community’s commercial and industrial sectors.

Respect for ‘The People’s Money’

Taxpayers work hard for their money, and the government’s resources are actually “The People’s Money.” As citizens and businesses deal with crushing inflation and an uncertain economic climate, elected leaders must respect every taxpayer dollar they’ve been given and spend public resources wisely. Scott’s experiences as a business leader, banking executive, and non-profit trustee have taught him the importance of fiscal responsibility. He’ll lead the city council’s budgeting process to ensure the city operates efficiently while maintaining excellent service levels.

In Naperville, the Wehrli name dates back to 1840

Naperville residents are likely familiar with many members of Scott’s direct and extended family, many of whom have been politically active for decades.
Scott is the adopted son of notable businessman and philanthropist Richard Wehrli and his mother, Judy, who passed in 2021.
His first cousins, Mary Lou Wehrli and Grant Wehrli are his extended family’s most recent members to serve in public office. The Wehrli family’s storied history in Naperville dates back to 1840.
“I know firsthand how living in Naperville can change the trajectory of a person’s life, and my passion for running is our community and the people and organizations who make it a special place to live,” said Wehrli. “I’m running to provide locally-focused leadership in the mayor’s office and pledge to set aside partisan political division so that our city can stay focused on the local policies to improve our neighborhoods and quality of life.”
The campaign will host its first in-person event in the coming weeks.
For more information, updates and a biography of Scott Wehrli, visit www.scottwehrli.com.
Submitted by Press@scottwehrli.com.
June 29, 2022, Editor’s Note / Just back from a brief getaway, PN was greeted with the above news release from the Scott Wehrli for Naperville Mayor campaign. Our history with Scott Wehrli dates back to Joe Naper Days at Naper Settlement when he helped with security on behalf of the Naperville Park District Police. We were new to Naperville in 1993 and Wehrli was relatively new to his position. At other special events through the years such as Ribfest and Last Fling, Officer Wehrli has been a constant. When we’ve attended Liquor Commission meetings, we’ve also observed Liquor Commissioner Wehrli’s dedication toward keeping the community safe.
Searching this website to find previous stories and photos featuring “Scott Wehrli,” we found a bunch such as the one below during the naming of the Naperville Development Partnership Conference Room to honor past North Central College President Hal Wilde.
The Naperville Development Partnership named its conference room in honor of Dr. Hal Wilde, recognizing his contributions to local economics and service to the community. Pictured here with Wilde (far right) are NCC Trustee Scott Wehrli, NDP President Christine Jeffries and Benna Wilde. (PN File Photo 2013)

FYI: On July 18, 2022, Mayor Steve Chirico presented a FB post saying he would not be running to serve a third term. What follows are a few paragraphs from a much longer FB notice:

“It’s time to let someone else chart this community’s course alongside the entire City Council and our professional, hardworking City staff,” wrote Chirico.
“It’s time to bring new ideas and leadership into the Mayor’s role and build upon the economic stability I have prioritized since I came into office in 2015.
“And that’s why I am announcing today I will not be running for reelection in 2023.”
The next City Council meeting begins at 7PM Tues., Aug. 16, 2022. From our seat in City Council Chambers, we have observed and appreciated that Mayor Chirico runs a good meeting. We anticipate that quality will remain his aim until his term is complete through the first Sunday in May 2023.
The next Consolidated Election that will include candidates for the Naperville Mayor is Tues., April 4, 2023. In Naperville Municipal Elections, the Mayor and City Council members run as nonpartisans. 
But first, thanks for paying attention to all the important state and local issues presented on the ballot and by the candidates running to serve Naperville in the General Election on Tues., Nov. 8, 2022. Then in January begin focusing on local issues and getting to know candidates running for Naperville City Council, Naperville Park District Commissioners and Boards of Education in School District 203 and School District 204.—PN

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