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Sales Focus – Baker’s Dozen Things to Consider When Texting


We should all think carefully before sending off a quick text. Texts to family and best friends might not need scrutiny, but before sending texts to colleagues, buyers, acquaintances, and referral partners one should always consider, “How would I feel if I received this text?”

Here are our Baker’s Dozen things you should consider when texting:

Don’t write a dissertation. No one wants to see a twenty-paragraph text. Remember the 3 B’s: Be Bright. Be Brief. Be Gone. (You only get one chance to make a first impression.)

Don’t text your buyer to determine if she made a decision. If she replies, “Going a different direction,” you have no way to salvage the sale. Better yet, pick up the phone and leave voice mail, “Calling to determine next steps.”

Avoid Texting Tennis. If you are having a text conversation taking more than three messages to answer their question, pick up the phone. Again… 3 B’s.

Ask Permission. Texting is a distraction. Make sure you know your recipients’ communication preference.

Reply in a Timely Manner. Usually, someone texts you because it’s easier than email and they probably want a speedy reply. If I am unable to get them an immediate reply, I text, “Stand by.”

Don’t complain. The best sales pros love their job, their company, and their product or service… and it shows.

AVOID ALL CAPS. Recipients view this as SHOUTING. If you are angry, it would be best to wait a while to send the text.

Use appropriate punctuation: Getting the message, “Is it time to eat Mike?” resulted in me having to figure out their message meant, “Is it time to eat, Mike?” Get the message?

Abbreviate infrequently. Imitate your recipient’s texting style. If they spell everything out, do not abbreviate. We all know LOL, TGIF, BRB, and a few others. If your abbreviations are unknown to your recipient, you may be SOL.

Avoid sarcasm. Texts (and email) have no tone. Your recipient cannot see your facial expressions or body language. Instead, use humor. Sarcasm is easy, harmless humor takes talent.

Avoid emojis. Except for birthday greetings, “Happy Birthday, Stephanie! ! 🎶🎺,” I avoid emojis. This smiling pile of brown 💩 is not a Dairy Queen treat.

Omit personal data. It would seem this is a no-brainer: Never include your birthdate, account numbers, passwords, SS#…

Spell correctly. Before hitting ‘Send,’ proofread the test. ~ The texas. ~ The text.

Remember, texts can be copied, shared, screenshot, and can last as long as a footprint on the moon. Utilize the above items when texting and Heat Up Your Sales!

Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.