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Plaques throughout Fredenhagen Park, Riverwalk have been restored to enhance original shine


Located along S. Washington Street between River District shopping and the Washington Street Bridge, Fredenhagen Park stands where “memories were made” for nearly 70 years at Prince Castle and Cock Robin Ice Cream until 2000. Hundreds of commemorative bricks in Fredenhagen Park placed around Exchange Club Memories Fountain since 2003 are a showcase of community spirit.

Thanks to the Naperville Riverwalk Foundation under the leadership of its president, John Cuff, tarnished plaques along the Riverwalk and throughout Fredenhagen Park have been restored to enhance their original shine.

Since August 2021, commemorative bronze plaques from the Jefferson Street Bridge to Hillside Road have been polished to help tell the story of the generous can-do spirit that has supported the winding brick path.

The largest plaque is located between Main Street and the Dandelion Fountain, marking the dedication of the Riverwalk for the City’s sesquicentennial on Sept. 7, 1981.

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During a stroll of the Naperville Riverwalk, note bronze plaques along the winding brick path that help tell the story of the lasting commemorative to celebrate the City’s sesquicentennial in 1981.

Future enhancement and educational projects will be identified, following the private mission of the Riverwalk Foundation in public partnership with the Naperville Riverwalk Commission, City of Naperville and Naperville Park District.  —PN

Editor’s Note / Hundreds of images and stories about the Riverwalk, considered a natural treasure in the heart of downtown Naperville, also are available on this website. Simply click here to find a long list of “Riverwalk.” Consider shopping and picking up lunch to go. Come spend the day in downtown Naperville where traditions are aplenty and new opportunities open regularly around every corner.

One more thing… During the Riverwalk Commission meeting on July 13, 2022, Riverwalk Foundation President John Cuff who also currently serves as Riverwalk Commission liaison reported that the plaque restoration enhancement project came with a $30,000 cost in private funding. Also, getting estimates for the cost to repair the fountain, the sparkling centerpiece in Fredenhagen Park, are in process.

Since 2004, Exchange Club Memories Fountain has been a peaceful place to pause and reflect in Fredenhagen Park. Currently, the fountain in the popular gathering place is not flowing. (PN File Photo)

Post last updated, July 13, 2022.

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