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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Upbeat! with the Naperville Municipal Band: 2022 8th Grade Scholarship Recipients


The Naperville Municipal Band is pleased to announce the continuation of its tradition of awarding a $250 music scholarship to one 8th grade student at every junior high school in Naperville School District 203, middle school in Indian Prairie School District 204, Ss Peter & Paul, and St. Raphael Schools in Naperville.

Students were nominated by their directors based on musical ability and can use the monetary award to continue their pursuit of music in the form of private lessons, summer band camp or a new instrument.

The Naperville Municipal Band would like to congratulate the following 8th grade students: Gibson Derwin (Fischer Middle School), Chaeli Ha (Kennedy Junior High School), Adam Hartung (Jefferson Junior High School), Talia Isenberg (Hill Middle School), Lilian Jaglin (St. Raphael), Anthony Lieggi (Madison Junior High School), Sophia Lund (Washington Junior High School), Keegan Malinsky (Gordon Gregory Middle School), Manya Nambiar (Still Middle School), Nidhi Sagaram (Granger Middle School), Arya Shankar (Scullen Middle School), Peter Solloway (Ss. Peter and Paul), Caden Tam (Clifford Crone Middle School), and Deana Wilson (Lincoln Junior High School).

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The Naperville Municipal Band had the honor of recognizing these students at the first concert this summer which took place on Thursday, June 9, 2022. To learn more about the band, visit www.napervilleband.org or contact us at info@napervilleband.org.

—Allison Buettner, NMB Scholarship Chair


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