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Fire Prevention 24-7 – Naperville Fire Department is hiring


The City of Naperville, Illinois, is a dynamic community of approximately 150,000 residents, located 28 miles west of Chicago. Money Magazine named Naperville the second-best city in the United States in which to live. We have gained national recognition for our family-friendly environment, excellent schools and library system, low crime rate and vibrant downtown area. Our municipal government employs nearly 1,000 dedicated individuals in a wide range of job categories.

The Naperville Fire Department is responsible for protecting approximately 150,000 residents (daytime population of 200,000) living in a 50 square-mile area. A nationally accredited agency, the Naperville Fire Department’s mission is to safeguard the lives and property of the citizens of Naperville. This is accomplished by providing professional, quality fire prevention and public education programs, as well as effective and efficient fire suppression, emergency medical, rescue and other emergency services.

During the past two decades, the Naperville Fire Department has experienced rapid growth. The department has ten fire stations in operation and employees more than 200 personnel. The department is staffed 24 hours a day and operates six front-line engines, two heavy-duty rescue squads, eight front-line paramedic ambulances, two front-line ladder trucks, and two Battalion Commander Vehicles.

Applicants for an entry-level position in the Naperville Fire Department must meet the following criteria at the time of submission of an application. Please direct ALL QUESTIONS regarding the application, required documents or testing before the application date to (800) 343-HIRE (4473) or recruitment@IOSOLUTIONS.com.

Citizenship and residency – Applicants must be citizens of the United States of America. Proof of citizenship will be required at time of application. Sworn personnel of the Naperville Fire Department shall not be required to be residents of the City of Naperville.

Age – Applicants must be at least nineteen (19) years of age and shall be under thirty-five (35) years of age. Age for application will be calculated as of the date of scheduled orientation. Proof of birth date will be required at time of application. Note that the minimum age for appointment to the position of firefighter/paramedic with the City of Naperville shall be twenty-one (21), calculated as of the date of a conditional offer of hire.

Education – Applicants must be a high school graduate or equivalent at the time of application.

Soraya McLaughlin
Soraya McLaughlin
Soraya McLaughlin is the Naperville Fire Department Community Education Specialist. Contact her via email at mclaughlins@naperville.il.us.